Homosexuality Promotion Must Be Discouraged – Minister Tumwebaze

Some of the people who were attending the Gay Pageant last night when Club Venom was raided by Police

The Minister of Information and ICT Hon Frank Tumwebaze has reasserted that acts of homosexuality and its promotion in Uganda must not be tolerated.

The minister this morning called upon citizens to resist such acts as recruitment of children into gay practices.

The homosexuality debate in Uganda was since last night resurrected following a raid by police officers, this on a gathering of gay people for this year’s Mr. and Mrs. Pride pageant.

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The gays this week were holding their fifth parade, viagra dubbed the Uganda Parade 2016 at Club Venon in Kampala.

Police, according to reports, booted in and arrested 10 of the event organizers. Other guests who were attending the event were also arrested and their phones confiscated according to eyewitnesses.

Police said the event was not lawful.

Through the night the gay community and other synthesizers took to social media to condemn the attack.

The US Embassy in Uganda on Friday released a statement criticizing the police actions which it says were adding to the growing list of reports of its brutality.

The US ambassador Mrs Deborah Malac termed the raid as unacceptable and deeply troubling.

In the social media rage that ensued through Thursday night and on Friday morning, the Information Minister came out to emphasize that gay practices are unwelcome in Uganda

“Ugandans should all stand to say no to homosexuality and particularly its promotion and recruitment of our children,” he said, adding; “It’s promoters are hired mercenaries… It’s them trying to induce and impose their unnatural behavior to others.”

The Minister reiterated Uganda’s stance on gays and called upon all society members to  “unite on issues that uphold our national values.”

The Minister’s comments attracted a barrage of negative reactions with many accusing government of ignoring issues that press the average Ugandan such as health care, to focus on suppressing harmless minorities.

But the minister stood his ground; “Those who earn from homosexuality are (the ones ranting) …..Ugandans have said NO, NO and NO fortunately. I am a Ugandan and I say NO.”

In her statement, the US Ambassador Mrs Malac stressed that while the her country has had its share of global criticism over police brutality, it has learnt to take action by punishing individual police officers who are implicated in criminal acts.


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