HIV Wrecked Kabarole Appeals For US Help

Scholars in the Political Science department at Makerere University have decried the state of governance in Uganda and other African countries.

They held that African countries have failed to build their systems for good governance which has resulted into Africans fleeing the continent.

Prof. Aaron Mukwaya, more about Prof. Simba Sali made the observations during a conference at Makerere to commemorate 70 years since Russia’s victory against Nazzism.

The conference was organized by the Russian Embassy and Makerere University Russia Association (RUMAK) and was attended by envoys from the Russian Mission in Uganda among others.

Prof. Mukwaya argued that blacks have continued to demean themselves and accusing whites of being racist.

He said that Ugandans are investing less in their countries yet stealing too much through corruption.

Mukwaya noted that a country cannot be built if people still possess a selfish mindset that focuses on personal benefits. He hinted on the reliance of Ugandans on very aged leaders unlike the West saying it’s time young people took over leadership or never.

“Russian peasants transformed themselves into civilization a thing Ugandans have failed to get in 60 years of independence”.

He commented that there’s nothing to brag about a ‘global village’ when a country like Uganda imports almost everything.

Another scholar in the same department Dr Lumumba criticized the lack of nationalistic leaders in Africa. He sighted the rampart corruption where leaders steal big chunks of money to keep them in foreign accounts.

‘African states have abandoned its role of driving their economies’ unlike what Russia did to grow said Lumumba. He also condemned overdependence on foreign aid which he said has derailed development in Africa.
Kabarole district chairman Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard has appealed to the United States government for a special intervention in fighting against the high HIV /AIDS among the youth in Rwenzori region.

There are seven districts in Rwenzori but Kabarole has the highest HIV prevalence rate of 11.5% compared to the National rate of 7.3%.

Mr.Rwabuhinga said, sickness “I appeal to the US government to come up with special interventions and increased funding to curb the high prevalence rates of HIV AIDS among the youths in the region. We as leaders are at this point deeply worried.”

He was speaking during the closure of Global leaders and partners conference on Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL) project at Mountains of the Moon Hotel in Fort Portal.

SMGL project that started in 2012 with the aim of reducing maternal mortality and improving antenatal cares services is implemented by Baylor in Uganda, price Nigeria and Zambia where statistics indicated staggering deaths of mothers and infants during labour.

Rwabuhinga told the US Ambassador to Uganda Mr.Scott DeLisi that as the US focuses much on the prevention of Mother to Child transmission and the recently introduced Elimination of Mother to Child transmission of HIV AIDS (EMTCT) championed by 1st lady Mrs Janet Museveni, page the youth have been given less attention and yet the prevalence rate is highest among them.

He asked the US government and other foreign partners to look for special interventions and increase funding to the HIV AIDS fight in Rwenzori region especially Kabarole district.

The chairman said, “When you put much emphasis on EMTCT, care for mothers and newborns only without serious intervention for the youth who are most infected, there are no hopes of curbing the scourge”.

In his speech ambassador Scott said that the US is committed to continue funding health programs in Africa but to a country that is strong, honest and accountable.


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