High Court Land Division Hit by Shortage of Judges

The High Court Land Division is currently struggling with Shortage of judges, this a situation that has caused many cases to delay.

The Land division is the section of the High Court charged with supervising the work of Land Tribunals and the adjudication of all land related disputes.

ChimpReports has obtained a letter from the Principal Judge, sildenafil Yorokamu Bamwine to the President of the Uganda Law Society expressing the concern over the limited number of judges assigned to the division.

The Principal Judge is the administrative head of the High Court and the subordinate courts.

In the letter, sick Bamwine, reveals that the Land Division was assigned five judges but currently only two judges are active.

“One is currently on leave, another has a health challenge and the third is involved in a commission of inquiry,” Bamwine wrote in the letter.

“Lack of judges from other Divisions to spare to the Land Division on relief basis has not helped the bad situation,” he further wrote.

Delay of Cases

Bamwine explains that even the two active judges are currently loaded with a huge case backlog which won’t allow them take over their colleagues’ cases.

Case backlog refers to the cases that have been in the court system unresolved for more than two years.

The 2016 National Court Case Census indicated that the High Court Land Division in Kampala has the highest backlog at 3,846 cases, some of which have not been solved for the last 10 years.

Bamwine however said that the matter is receiving attention from the relevant Authority adding that “counsel seeking urgent relief may be advised to consider seeking interim reliefs which the Registrars can handle.”


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