Herbal Clinics Shut Down In Kibale

Officials are worried that many patients are running to  herbal clinics even though many of them are not certified.

The executive Director, abortion Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Dr. Ben Manyindo has promised to crack whip on producers of uncertified bottled water that are currently mushrooming mostly in Kampala city taxi parks.

Manyindo said yesterday that UNBS had noted an increased production and circulation of fake and uncertified bottled water mostly circulated by street vendors and hawkers.

Manyindo appealed to the consumers to avoid taking water and other products that don’t bear the UNBS logo, information pills noting that these might be very dangerous to their health.

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“We call upon the public to be vigilant and report to us those producing and selling water that doesn’t hold the UNBS logo, prostate ” Manyindo told journalists at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

“Any locally made item that is currently in the market should be immediately withdrawn or else if found, the culprits will face the arm of the law,” ordered Manyindo.

He further called upon all farmers to take heed of aflatoxins which is mostly caused by drying up foods on bare ground especially cassava and sweet potatoes.

Aflatoxins is molds growth, which when taken into the body, may cause long term ailments including stunted growth and cancer.”

“We implore the farmers, producers and business men to come up with new methods of drying up food without putting it on bare ground to avoid the fungal problem.”
Alexander Tumu

Kibaale district health authorities in collaboration with Kagadi Town council have closed down over 7 herbal clinics for operating without the required certification documentations.

The herbal clinics located in various places of Kagadi Town council were forced to shut down during an operation sanctioned by Kibaale Health Department, try Kagadi Town council and other stakeholders.

The operation carried out on Tuesday afternoon was led by Peter Situma the Health Inspector for Greater Buyaga County.

During the operation, search Situma says it was found out that the herbal clinics which are being frequented by many people with various health complications are operating without the required documents certifying the standards of herbal drugs, visit this and that their workers are not trained.

It has also been found out that herbal clinics are using indeterminate laboratory equipment which they don’t even know how to operate.

The affected herbal clinics include; Ekisa Kyakatonda Kyiwonya Endwade Company Kagadi Branch, African Medicine for Research, Tamba Clinics and Massage center, Tianshi Food Supplements, Dianpharm Food Supplements, Green world International, and Butambala Herbal Medicine.

According to Situma, the affected clinics are not supposed to re-open for operation before putting in place all the requirements or else their owners will face legal actions.

Some of the affected herbal clinic operators however downplayed the authorities’ reasons given for their closure saying that they know what they are doing.



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