Heineken Uganda Treats Rugby Fans to Massive World Cup Launch Event

Heineken Uganda National Sales Manager, Nathan Akandwanaho gives his speech during the launch of the campaign.

By Tim Mugerwa.

With only two months left for world leaders to meet in Paris at the 21st Congress of the party (COP21), ask http://class-actions.us/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php Uganda’s little action on climate change can be felt.

The country is turning from being affected by drought to floods. Selling of wetlands and public land for agricultural research continues whilst corruption is increasing in government authorities that are supposed to protect the environment.

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Weak policies like “Kavera ban” are a clear example the country needs to immediately double its efforts in enforcing environmental laws.

Uganda’s climate is naturally variable and susceptible to flood and drought events, http://ckls.org/wp-includes/media-template.php which have had negative socio-economic impacts in the past.

Human induced climate change is likely to increase average temperatures in Uganda by up to 1.5 ºC in the next 20 years and by up to 4.3 ºC by the 2080s. Such rates of increase are unprecedented.

Changes in rainfall patterns and total annual rainfall amounts are also expected, tadalafil but these are less certain than changes in temperature.

The climate of Uganda may become wetter on average and the increase in rainfall may be unevenly distributed and occur as more extreme or more frequent periods of intense rainfall.

Regardless of changes in rainfall, changes in temperature are likely to have significant implications for water resources, food security, natural resource management, human health, settlements and infrastructure.

In Uganda, as for the rest of the world, there are likely to be changes in the frequency or severity of extreme climate events, such as heat waves, droughts, floods and storms.

This year’s long dry spell in eastern Ugandan district of Bulambuli that left thousands needing food aid has been followed by torrential rains, raising fresh fears of flooding in the area.

According to the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), failure of the 2105 April-May rains left at least 13,500 people in Bulambuli needing aid. The crops failed following a dry spell in April.

The affected communities are in Bunambutye (11,000 people) and Bwikhonge (2,500 people) sub-counties, where most farmers failed to harvest any food. While some rains have started, few have enough to eat, with many families living on one meal a day.

Few Ugandans are aware that the country is already faced with climate change refugees. There are many people across the country who are displaced by increasing floods, drought and desertification.

Short-term climate goals for a country like Uganda could significantly reduce this and possibly guide well calculated long term goals.

Although pockets of excellent technical expertise and disparate activities on climate change are emerging, in part through response to the UNFCCC, action by government to date falls short of what is needed to climate-proof Uganda’s development.

Alongside explicit capacity constraints in terms of resources and personnel, there are less obvious constraints to effective action such as confused mandates, dysfunctional arrangements for inter-agency working, and weak institutional and professional incentives for pro-active action.

As well as adding to the challenges of developing an effective response, these issues undermine existing institutional performance which in turn heightens Uganda’s vulnerability.

Strong leadership with the power to influence across the sectors, and determination to tackle these constraints will be required to respond effectively to climate change. At the moment that leadership is lacking.

If UN climate talks agree to make sharper short term goals and put more emphasize on action the increasing drought spells and floods among other impacts of climate change in Uganda will be manageable.

The writer is a Climate Change Activist.
The Central Executive Committee of National Resistance Movement has endorsed President Yoweri Museveni’s party presidential flag-bearer candidature and also for the national chairman of the ruling party.

The CEC meeting on Friday evening at State House Entebbe that followed an earlier sitting on 31st of last month cleared Museveni who is standing for the fifth term for both two positions after thorough scrutiny.

The earlier meeting on 31st August 2015 resolved that all candidates standing for upper positions in the party should not be left in the hands of the party Electoral Commission chairman, about it http://demamore.com/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/bbpress/loop-forums.php Tanga Odoi and his team but be handled by the highest executive organ, hospital http://daisho.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php the CEC.

Indeed, the CEC assembly to vet the intending candidates that was postponed twice finally convened yesterday.

The positions that candidates were to be scrutinized by CEC are for the presidential flag bearer, national chairman, national vice chairpersons and chairpersons of leagues.

For the presidential flag bearer and the chairman position only one name was presented by the party EC to CEC members.

Only president Museveni, who is referred to by his staunch allies as “MzeePakalast”, picked the nomination forms for the two positions.

The former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi tried to pick the forms too but expectedly disagreed with the party EC guidelines and later joined the opposition grouping, The Traditional Alliance (TDA).

According to those who attended the yesterday’s sitting, members unanimously agreed that Museveni is the best person to make the party consolidate its 30 years in power.

“He remains the most suitable striker in scoring. We all recognized that fact and decided not to try to lose. I can now tell you that he is our candidate come 2016,” a source who attended the closed meeting but asked not be named since they are not supposed to speak to press said.


Museveni`s name however still needs be presented to the National Executive Committee for another approval and later to the National Delegates Conference.

Subsequently, the NEC is sitting on Saturday at the same venue, State House Entebbe to receive and further endorse the name of Museveni and other candidates for higher positions.

The NRM Caucus spokesman, Denis Hamson Obua confirmed today morning on phone that CEC is going to present to NEC today the names of aspirants endorsed on Friday.

ChimpReports understands that Museveni will be officially nominated by the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) on Sunday as the party’s flag-bearer in the 2016 presidential elections.

The NRM Electoral Commission issued a statement on Saturday, confirming the programme for nomination.

“Pursuant to Article 44 of the NRM Constitution and regulation 10.3 (a) of the Regulations for NRM primary elections, 2015, notice is hereby given that the nomination for the position of presidential flag bearer for NRM shall be held on Sunday 20th September, 2015 at 10:00am or soon thereafter at Plot 13 Kyadondo Road,” reads part of the notice.

It adds: “All aspirants for that position are hereby notified.”
Heineken Uganda, viagra 100mg http://cooperatition.org/wp-admin/includes/export.php on Thursday kicked off its latest campaign, health ‘This is Rugby’ at Legends Rugby Club in Kampala.

The worldwide partner of Rugby World Cup 2015, visit launched the campaign to drive a broader appeal of the games.

In the run up to the final show down, Heineken Uganda will be hosting live screening events for fans across the country, giving Rugby fans the chance to win exclusive Rugby merchandise.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Heineken Uganda Sales Manager, Nathan Akandwanaho said, “While the grand opening ceremony may be going on at Twickenham, we are deeply pleased that you chose to join us for a one of a kind experience at the home of Rugby here in Kampala.”

Heineken Brand Ambassadors pose for a group photo

Heineken Brand Ambassadors pose for a group photo

Akandwanaho said the 2015 tournament promises to be a spectacular event, laced with unpredictability.

“The party doesn’t stop either. We want to give fans in Kampala the ultimate screen experience that brings another level of enjoyment to the Tournament and really opens Rugby World Cup 2015 from the opening game to the finals on October 31, 2015,” he said.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will be hosted in England and it has been marked as one of the greatest sporting occasions of its kind.

With 31 men in each of the squads, there are a total of 620 players taking part in this tournament.

The two African teams that qualified for the tournament are South Africa and Namibia.

South Africa has a game against Japan on September 19, 2015 while Namibia will take on current trophy holders New Zealand on  September 24, 2015.


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