South Sudan

Heavy Fighting Resumes in Malakal

Fighting is reported to have resumed in the Upper Nile capital of Malakal

Passion for writing and consistency in sharing content is what dominated the Ugandan bloggers’ discussion last Saturday in Kampala.

The Bloggers’ Lounge was a segment of the Social Media Day Kampala, order the second to happen in Uganda.

Discussants emphasized the importance of telling the African story irrespective of whether writers are paid or not.

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Ruth Aine, dosage one of the discussants said passion for a blogger is a priority.

She said blogging as a platform provides connections and opportunities to network once one’s work attracts interest.

Opposed to the common perception that blogging means too much content, ambulance some writers clarified that platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also blogging mediums.

As long as the writer uses these mediums to regularly express themselves on a particular subject, then that person is a blogger.

“These platforms are free. You only need to make a few minutes, say weekly to write something,” said Ernest Bazanye, an award-winning blogger.

Most attendants agreed Uganda has plenty of gifted writers whose writings go unnoticed.

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon in Uganda which has picked up at a steady pace.

Before the social media revolution, writers concentrated on the traditional style of authoring books.

However, with more Ugandans accessing the internet, blogging could soon be the easiest and cheapest way for writers to prove their worth.
Heavy fighting between the government of South Sudan forces and the rebels of Dr. Riek Machar resumed in the Upper Nile capital of Malakal over the weekend as the latter and President Salva Kiir were in the neighboring Kenya seeking for a peaceful solution.

The SPLA-IO rebels who have for long been struggling to take control of the second richest town, order on Saturday attacked the defensive positions of government forces and managed to dislodge them from three fronts according to residential sources.

Rebel forces under Gen. Peter and recently defected Gen. Johnson Olony launched multiple offensives with the strong aim of advancing to Paloich oil field from the SPLA.

“Parts of Malakal have again fallen to the hands of the SPLA-IO. They approached the town on Saturday morning with heavy sounds of big guns and eventually made their way. They are advancing towards the oil fields (Paloich).” A source from one of the humanitarian organizations said.

Oil workers who are mainly foreigners have reportedly fled the oil fields as the situation remains tense.

Rebels in April took over Malakal and Paloich oil fields when Gen. Olony and his group defected from the mainstream SPLA resulting to the fleeing of the Upper Nile governor, Simon Kuon Puoch.

They were however driven away by heavy airpower from SPLA who couldn’t stomach the betrayal by Gen. Olony and seriously wanted to revenge.

Malkal is among the three worst affected towns in the South Sudan conflict has been going on for now one and half a year. It`s control has changed hands for over five times and each change always pose dire adverse consequence on the populace.

The town that is referred by many “ghost town” was bombed down at the beginning and the height of South Sudan war in April 2014 when the SPLA was facing the just defected Gen. Peter Gatdiet.

The weekend clashes coincided with the face to face between President Kiir and Dr. Machar at State House Nairobi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted the two on Saturday and Sunday in a bid to make them a peaceful solution to the conflict that has degenerated the world`s youngest nation.

Little progress was registered on Sunday meeting that lasted for 5 hours and the two are getting back to the round table in two days to give their positions on the four critical issues including, power sharing, federalism, reparations and compensations and economic reforms.




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