Health Ministry Speaks out on Mulago Interns Saga

Asuman Lukwago came under fire over remarks on Mulago interns

President Yoweri Museveni has described the late Bishop Emeritus, cheapest  as an outspoken and dedicated man of God whose contribution was outstanding.

The President’s message was delivered by Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi during the requiem mass to celebrate the life of the Bishop at Rubaga Cathedral on Friday.

“The church has lost a hard working and outspoken man of God who has left a great reference for church leadership. I send condolences to the people of Mbarara, the entire clergy and the country for the loss. Bishop Kakubi was an instrumental leader who served the community and country selflessly, ” read the Presidents message.

The eminent church leader passed away at Kampala Hospital on Thursday at the age of 86.

In his biography, Kakubi recalls meeting Museveni at Ntare School.

“In my syllabus there were topics on political and human relationships between sexes and various nationalities.  These attracted very many students, even non-Catholics joined.  We held debates now and again,” said Kakubi.

“It was here that young Yoweri Museveni joined in as one of them.  The debate was on adolescent boys’ and girls’ friendship.  This debate lasted weeks.  It was here that I began to see the witty astuteness of Yoweri Museveni.”

In the eulogy today, Ssekandi hailed the fallen church leader for his role during and after the transformation of Uganda from poor leadership.

His significant contribution to the education sector led to the founding of Maryhill High School and St. Joseph’s Vocational School.

He also contributed to the advancement of St. Cecilia Vocational School, St. Kaggwa High School and Kitabi Seminary.

“I urge the young people to emulate the lasting legacy set by the Emeritus Bishop Kakubi. Uganda will remain indebted for his outstanding contribution,” remarked the President adding; “We thank God who gave him to us and enabled him to serve the church.”

The President contributed condolences of Shs 10m.

Serving Archbishop of the Mbarara Archdiocese, His Grace Paul Bakyenga expressed gratitude towards everyone who supported the late Bishop before he passed on.

“The Late Archbishop Kakubi personally ordained me and groomed me into being responsible and accountable so my attachment to him is very deep.”

He noted that it is unfortunate that the church is continuously losing the clergy to death and asked that believers keep their leaders in prayer.

The body of Late Archbishop has left for Mbarara where a mass has been organized at 6:00 pm to dedicate his soul to God. There will be another mass on Saturday at mid-day at Nyamitanga Cathedral before the body is laid to rest at St. Josephs Vocational School in Mbarara on the same day.

He was born on June 11 1929 in Kyanyanda village in Rugaaga, Mbarara.

He was the first African Bishop of Mbarara catholic Archdiocese and at the time of death, he had served 46 years as a Bishop and 56 years as a Priest.
Health Ministry spokesperson Dr Asuman Lukwago has denied media reports that he said Mulago Referral Hospital can do without interns, viagra 40mg Chimp Corps report.

“It is simple; those who are not satisfied are free to go away. We can always do without them but they would never be confirmed as doctors, ” Dr Lukwago was quoted by the media as saying last week.

This was after interns complained that government has not paid their stipend for more than three months.

The comments have since drawn outrage from sections of the public.

The Health Ministry on Friday said in a brief statement that, “These remarks were put out of context and this is to clarify that Dr. Lukwago was not referring to the medical interns at Health Facilities but interns in other professions.”

The ministry further said, “Medical interns are the backbone of the health system and as the parent ministry, we highly appreciate their services and are looking for all means to motivate them.”

Interns continue to suffer with many sharing meals prepared for patients. Others lack money for housing and transport.

Vivian E. Asedri, a PhD student of healthcare administration says training of healthcare professionals such as medical doctors is a long, painstaking and costly process that requires sacrifice and investment commitment.

“The quality of a nation’s medical doctors is dependent on the depth of their internship, which gives the students the critical hands-on-learning badly needed in the ever-evolving healthcare industry,” he adds.

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