Health Ministry Denies Shs360b Insurance Deal with U.S. Firm CareRight

CareRight Healthcare Inc boss Julius Murinzi

Uganda’s Health Ministry has denied entering into a memorandum of understanding with Julius Murinzi, physician the Executive Director of U.S.-based firm, information pills CareRight Healthcare Inc., to provide a comprehensive Shs 360bn healthcare insurance scheme.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Permanent Secretary Diane Atwiine dismissed the alleged partnership as “baseless” and a “total misrepresentation of facts.”

She said neither Ministry of Health nor any other government agency “has ever signed a memoranda or other form of agreement with the said person and/or company.”

Local media reports had suggested that President Museveni gave a nod to Murinzi’s proposal and directed that it should be forwarded to Parliament for consideration.

ChimpReports understands CareRight proposed to government a joint program that “offers medical management and health promotion to encourage healthier behavior, guide health plan members in seeking higher-value yet lower-cost treatment, and financially rewards clinicians for providing efficient, high-quality care.”

It also intends to “bring the infrastructure for a high performing healthcare plan that includes organized system or system-like elements-to constantly evaluate, measure, monitor, and manage care as well as, administrative systems.”

But Atwiine said Murinzi’s integrity is questionable and “as such the Government of Uganda cannot deal with a person of his reputation”.

In a note to ChimpReports, Murinzi said the company intends to  build a sustainable healthcare system for Uganda “to prevent diseases from occurring or manage their effects, through simple interventions like encouraging prolific immunization programs, community transformation programs to promote health living; creating healthier school environment; HIV tests and countless other initiatives that are going to make Ugandans live longer, healthier lives.”

Atwiine clarified that CareRight, like many other companies, sent a proposal to the Ministry of Health, but this has never been responded to, neither has the Ministry’s management ever discussed this matter.

“Given the fact that the National Health Insurance Bill, which is intended to establish the National Health Insurance Scheme is still due for debate in Parliament, and possible passing into law, the government “is not rushing into any partnerships until the full objective of the scheme is realized.”

Atwiine further “sounded a very strong warning to Mr Murinzi and the public in general to desist from spreading speculative and baseless claims about the health sector and government of Uganda.”


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