Health Ministry Announces Outbreak of Measles, Rubella

The ministry says some parents in Kamwenge have been prevented by local cults from immunizing their children

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday morning trumpeted the fresh outbreak of measles and rubella in different parts of the country, more about largely in western Uganda.

Kamwenge district and kamuli are the most affected according to latest information.

The outbreak of measles in Kamwenge is being attributed to the resent influx of the refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the religious cults that don’t allow followers to get health services.

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The ministry also says that parts of Lango sub region are battling the outbreak of rubella, rx an acute contagious, viral infection caused by the rubella virus.

Rubella also known as German -measles has been reported in Awel sub country and Alebtong district.

Measles, a viral respiratory illness is one of the leading causes of death among young children accounting for 114900 deaths annually.

The acting director general of health services Dr Anthony Mbonye issued out a statement that five samples have so far been tested and three people tested positive for rubella and they are yet to test other people in the mentioned areas.

Some of the signs of measles include body rush, fever, nausea and mild conjunctivitis.

Rubella specifically has no major treatment but is preventable by vaccination.

Dr Mbonye says government is taking a number of measures to control further spread of the diseases.



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