Has the Opposition in Parliament Performed? – LOP Answers

L-R Internal Affairs Shadow Minister, Muwanga Kivumbi addresses the Media with LOP, Winfred Kiiza (1)
Internal Affairs Shadow Minister, Muwanga Kivumbi addresses the Media with LOP, Winfred Kiiza (1)

As the first session of Parliament came to an end at the close of last month, hospital some members of the public raised concerns on whether the opposition in Parliament led by FDC’s Kasese Woman MP, thumb Winfred Kiiza delivered on their roles.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) spared off time to respond to the concerns revealing that her team of 57 MPs performed above the mark on their constitutional mandate.

“What I want the public to know is that we in the opposition don’t have a budget to construct roads, this web hospitals, schools but what we have is a legal mandate to keep government is check which we have done through the legislations we provide, offering alternative policies and oversight programs,” Kiiza said.

She said her force for the first session of Parliament has been very active not only deliberating on issues presented by parliament but also generated debate on issues that are pertinent to the public.

“Like the principle is always at the beginning of every session, the president gives a State of the Nation Address and it is our duty to always give a response and that was our very first task upon which we delivered,” Kiiza said.

She added that the opposition was able to provide several minority reports as a way of checking government which reports have ended up being adopted and acted upon by Parliament.

The LOP highlighted that the opposition was pivotal in the visit at Nalufenya detention center where the opposition minority report was largely accepted and take in as a working document by several interest groups.

“The minority report was adopted, it urged Parliament to condemn torture and abolish all illegal detention places in Uganda including Nalufenya detention facility. It recommended prosecution of perpetrators of torture and urged government to charge suspects within 48 hours in courts of law,” LOP remarked.”

The LOP noted that the opposition Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authority and State Enterprise (COSASE) recovered money from the Chinese company which had been mismanaged.

 She also pointed out that the Accountability committees including PAC, COSASE, LGAC and Government Accountability committees delivered comprehensive and timely reports resulting from scrutiny of Auditor General Reports and matters refereed by the Speaker.


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