Hana Wins Inaugural Victoria University Championships Tourney

President Museveni has praised as a big achievement government’s successful fight against the nodding disease syndrome in  Northern Uganda, viagra Chimp Corps report.

The president made the remarks while campaigning at Atanga Mission school, view Laguti Sub County in Pader district on Monday afternoon.

“I am happy  that we have been able to fight the nodding disease syndrome .I have been informed  that since 2012, cialis 40mg only 2  new  cases have been registered in Laguti  yet over 70 percent of the population had worms in their blood,” the president said.

Museveni decried what he termed as false prophets who always preach against government projects, urging the people to always shun the advice of doomsayers.

“I was worried of the nodding disease when my daughter Anywar who is always excited said it was a new disease in the area. We however tried to find out what the new disease was and glad to get its cause.”

The president said that through research, government and medics were able to find out that the cause for the disease was a fly similar to one that causes river blindness adding that they had had to look for measures to combat this.

“We had to adopt a mass treatment exercise (tablets) because most people had worms in the stomachs and I am sure we are moving in the right direction as far as fighting the disease is concerned,” he emphasised.

Pictures of malnourished nodding disease syndrome victims riled the nation.

He however said there are a few cases of infections caused by people who didn’t perceive the treatment exercise as positive.

According to Dr Alex Layoo, the District Health Officer, government carried out a mass spraying exercise in all the rivers in the area to kill the flies that transmit the disease.

“There is continuous spraying on top of treating all water bodies from which the flies would breed. The only challenge we have is the many ponds in the bushes that we are not able to access but act a breeding places,” emphasised Dr Layoo.

Museveni expressed happiness that Laguti, an area known  to have had many ambushes by the Kony led LRA rebels was now  peaceful and developed with electricity, schools  and better roads in place.

He rallied the locals to be at the forefront of advocating for the NRM government which he said has spearheaded development in the area.
Wakiso-based Hana Mixed School, here Nsangi has won the inaugural Victoria University sports championship at  a function held  at Kampala Parents  School on Saturday.

The one-day sports tournament sponsored by Victoria University targets schools from all corners of the country.

According to the Victoria University Dean for the Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Patience Muwanguzi, sales the inaugural tournament attracted many schools that participated in football, swimming and basketball competition which she said would grow bigger and better the following year.

“We look forward to bringing aboard schools from all over the region and continent at large in the next season of the tournament and we are happy the inaugural tournament was a success,” said Dr Muwanguzi.

She said the tournament was among others intended to nurture talent as well as instil the spirit of sportsmanship among students.

“We hope that through the talent, many students will be able to realize and improve their talents. The tournament is another rare opportunity to help instill the culture of sportsmanship among the students.”

“Through such games, students learn that its fine for someone to lose and can work hard  for success the  next time,” the Victoria University Dean  said.

Sports for Health

Dr. Muwanguzi further noted that sports are a good discipline that keeps participants healthy and physically fit.

“We are in times where non-communicable diseases like obesity and diabetes are on rampage but this is due to the fact that most of the people don’t work out their bodies. We realized that such an initiative would help students promote their health.”

Hana Mixed School Nsangi was the overall winners after bagging Basketball and Swimming trophies whereas Turkish Light Academy won in the football competition.

The annual tournament sponsored by Victoria University returns next year.


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