Hajat Wetongola to Face NRM CEC after Losing Election Petition

Dr Tanga Odoi

Following the loss of an Election petition by the former Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Hajati Rhema Wetongola to FDC’s Salaamu Musumba, advice the NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr. TangaOdoi has revealed that the commission will subject her to disciplinary actions.

During the 2016 general elections, Dr. Tanga warned all NRM candidates against use of forged academic papers noting that whoever found would face disciplinary actions for shaming the party.

Tanga was asked by the media to explain the next action against Hajati Wetongola after Court faulted her academic documents.

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“Candidates who use the party flag but don’t have papers are presented to the Central Executive Committee of the party. When the committee meets next time, we shall actually present this case,” Dr. Tanga responded.

“If CEC decides to keep quite over the matter, so be it.”

On accusation that NRM EC failed to scrutinize Wetongola’s papers, Tanga responded, “Like you know, once we tried to do it, UNEB told us it is not our task and indeed we don’t have the facilities to verify one’s academic documents.”

Tanga added, “It will be up to the Central Executive Committee to decide what to do with the candidate of that nature, it really defeats my understanding that someone knows that she doesn’t have the required qualifications but goes ahead and subject himself to this public scrutiny.”


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