Gulu Insecurity: Mao Dons Full Military Fatigues

DP's Norbert Mao in Military Uniform

Opposition Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has defended his decision to wear an army uniform despite not being in the armed forces.

Mao turned heads when he showed up at the Northern Uganda Media Centre offices in full military fatigues before addressing the press.

The Democratic Party President explained that by putting on the uniform, buy he is sending a message to perpetrators of the recent surge in insecurity in Gulu district that they should be ready for a show down with leaders in the region regardless of political affiliation.

Mao says he is joining the crusade against the iron bar hitmen and would grab a gun if handed one by authorities.

The former Gulu district chairperson revealed that he got clearance from security agencies from the district before donning the army uniform.

4th Division UPDF spokesperson Capt. Hassan Kato downplayed the controversy raised by Mao wearing combat.

Kato says the army has no problem with the Democratic Party chief wearing the uniform if it is only symbolic.

Mao’s gesture comes as Gulu town residents are in a state of fury and fear following a surge in insecurity in the area with a group of yet-to-be identified hitmen attacking residents at night.

Oola John, capsule the Gulu Municipal deputy Town clerk is the latest victim of the hit men who clobbered him to death on Tuesday.

Police Chief Gen. Kale Kayihura has since pitched camp in the area to coordinate operations against the suspected iron bar hitmen.


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