Group That Foiled National Youth Policy Launch Threaten More Action

Steady Youth Platform leaders addressing press today

A group of youth under the Steady Youth Platform that recently disrupted the launch of the National Youth policy at Serena Hotel in Kampala have vowed to continue with similar acts on different functions if government fails to intervene.

Addressing journalists, check the group’s coordinator Happy John Bagenda explained that they thought government would try to improve on the loopholes in the National Youth Policy to ensure it serves all youths, but noted that nothing has been done.

“We are likely to orchestrate more violent actions than what transpired at Serena hotel when we stopped that policy from being launched,” the group coordinator Happy John Bagenda said.

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“There are lots of unanswered questions in the national youth policy like awareness to youth about how they can benefit from government programs but government has not come out to enlighten the public on this matter.”

According to Bagenda, a number of youth have missed out of government programs like the Youth Livelihood Fund because they do not have enough  information about it.

On the flopped launch, they said many of their colleagues were arrested after the incident, and that up to now they have never been released by security agencies.

“We don’t find any reason for them to be criminalized because it was a right they were exercising. They should be released.”

The group which boasts of advocating for rights of youths said they will strike again in case their colleagues have not been released.

A group of over 30 youths last month disrupted the launch of the national youth policy at Serena hotel in Kampala citing a number of grievances that government has failed to solve.


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