Gov’t Whip Refutes Claims that MPs Solicited Shs300m from M7 to Lift Age Limit

NRM Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa

Government Chief Whip, erectile Ruth Nankabirwa has dismissed allegations that NRM legislators are holding the President Museveni at ransom over lifting the presidential age limit by requesting for over Shs300million each.

There have been circulating reports that the president is holding negotiations with NRM MPs to have the amount reduced so that they can pass a resolution in his favor hence halting the Kyankwanzi retreat.

The NRM defends the retreat saying it’s a ritual every year in January to sit together and harmonize on several positions of governance.

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“Why are we not going to Kyankwanzi and when we are going; there has been a program in Parliament which had statutory time frame, treatment I had put two dates but was failed because of the program in Parliament and that has been the reason, unhealthy ” the Government Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa explained today.

Nankabirwa said that no MP has ever approached her to put pressure on her asking for money so that they can pass any legislation.

“No one has approached to say that unless they have been given this much, they won’t pass a legislation. That is dangerous,” Nankabirwa said.

“You can’t survive if you approach me to say that I give you money to do the work for which you were elected; you would be committing suicide; how do you tell me such nonsense? That is criminal; it is illegal, unethical and unwise because if your voters hear that, you are a dead meat.”

Nankabirwa called upon the public to treat such information as rumors adding that the President who is the champion of fighting corruption cannot be the chairperson in Kyankwanzi to allow people debate on their cut.

“Right now I was waiting for a recess, I can’t collide with the Speaker by taking away about 300 MPs, the new Public Finance Management Act disorganized our program for Kyankwanzi, our budget cycle changed, we used to go in January.”

“But still some want us to deal with the issue of Constitutional amendment so they keep on tickling us by saying when is it coming.”

Nankabirwa added that currently, the only directive regarding the Constitutional amendments was a directive to the Minister of Constitutional Affairs to consider amendments into Article 26 on Land ownership.

“Constitutional amendments will have their time and a correct forum for discussion; they will emanate from the Minister to the NRM caucus, to Cabinet and to Parliament but not the retreat.”


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