Govt Urges on Diet Diversification, Food Fortification

The government of Uganda under the Ministry of Health has put in place a mandatory regulation on food fortifications for the commonly consumed staples such as wheat flour, viagra 100mg maize flour, pilule salt, cooking oil and fats.

According to the Director General health services, Prof Anthony K Mbonye the consumption of adequate vitamins and minerals is critical to healthy, mental and physical development, strong bone development, vision, anaemia reduction and overall good growth.

“Food fortification reduces the disease burden especially among women and children and leads to increased human productivity and national development” he said.

Mbonye made the remarks on Thursday while addressing journalists at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

Food fortification is the addition of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B, C, Zinc, lron and Iodine to foods to improve their nutritional value.

The adoption of the multi sectorial food fortification strategy is based in the background that no single intervention can completely end micro nutrient deficiency.

The other strategies that are currently being undertaken by the ministry and parties are nutrition education, supplementation and diet diversification.

Fortified foods are identifiable by a logo- a letter F in two concentric circles with words fortified food added value. These foods are important to children and women or mothers.

“We appeal to the public to increase the consumption of micro nutrients foods and consume fortified foods which are identified by the logo,” said Mbonye.

“The government of Uganda is committed to ending micro nutrient deficiency among all citizens and is exploring all possible avenues to improve the intake of micro nutrients regardless of one’s social economic status geographic location or level of education.”


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