Gov’t Urged to Invest More in ICT Sector

Amit Srivastava, one of the Directors of Sai Pali Technology company speaking to ChimpReports

Investors have blamed Uganda’s fast rising rates of unemployment to the lack of practical skills amongst most graduates, stomach calling on government to put more effort in empowering the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

This, information pills the investors argue will enable youths come up with greater innovations that will employ more of their colleagues hence reducing unemployment in the long run.

Speaking to ChimpReports in an exclusive interview, check Amit Srivastava, one of the Directors of Sai Pali Technology company which is based in India said he had developed an idea of starting up an ICT firm but was disappointed realizing that one of the Ugandan graduates was competent to fulfill their desires.

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“A few years back I came to Uganda as a tourist and found out that there were many opportunities in the I.T sector.  I decided to invest in it but to my surprise, of the many graduates from a number of universities, none passed our practical interview,” he said.

Sirivastava advised all Ugandan youth to put most of their emphasis in learning practical skills saying; “this generation and the ones to come will only need people with practical knowledge not those with theory.”

“Being that Uganda is a land locked country, few investors are attracted to set up manufacturing plants but the government through Ministry of Education should invest a lot in practical ICT training for Ugandans if the country is to achieve its set development goals.”

Srivastava further adds that in the period of 5 to 10 years to come most of the well-paying jobs in the country will be in the ICT sector.

In his time in Uganda, he has worked in conjunction with the ministry of Education and the National council for higher Education to bring SAI Pali institute of Technology to operation, where over 200 students have acquired practical ICT skills.

Srivastava says that with more ICT knowledge acquired, and students given practical skills, the problem of unemployment will be highly curbed.


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