Gov’t Releases Funds for First Quarter of 2016/17 Financial Year

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance and Secretary to
the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi (2ndR) together with Ministry officials
and members of Civil Society during the news conference on Tuesday

Government through the Ministry of Finance, this web Planning and Economic Development has released funds for the first quarter of the 2016/17 financial year as required by PFMA.

An amount of Ugsh 5, cheap 747.401Bn which is 29.14 percent of the total budget has been sent to government institutions for spending during quarter one.

According to Keith Muhakanizi the Secretary to the Treasury, nurse the Ministry on July 7 issued expenditure limits of quarter one amounting to Ugsh 5,747.401Bn which includes funding of Karuma, Isimba and Debt and BoU capitalization.

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An amount of Ugsh 844Bn (25 percent of the budget) will cover wages and salaries, Ugsh 66Bn will go into pension while Ugshs 35Bn will cater for gratuity. This is 24.7 percent and 23.7 percent of the
budget for pensions and gratuity respectively.

Muhakanizi also told journalists on Tuesday that in Quarter one, funding of Ugsh 111Bn has been provided for domestic arrears while Ugsh 61Bn is towards Verified domestic arrears in line with the
President’s directive to ensure government institutions meet their obligations towards private companies. Government has also releases Ugsh 50Bn for pension arrears.

In the education sector, capitation grants for local governments have been fully provided to cater for thiird term. This is to ensure that schools open in time.

Under the health bracket, Ugsh 127Bn has been provided for National Medical Stores (NMS) to procure drugs which is 53.71 percent of the budget for NMS.

Frontloading of the funds under NAADS Ugsh 103Bn and Coffee Development Authority Ugsh 27Bn to cater for the planting season in the first quarter has been released.

In the works sector, roads Authority UNRA has been given Ugsh 400Bn to ensure that there’s no delay in the implementation of projects. The Ministry of works and Transport has also received Ugsh 72Bn as
counterpart funding for earth moving equipment and Ugsh 88Bn under the Standard Gauge Railway project to cater mostly for resettlement of affected persons.

Under the energy sector, Ugsh 62Bn has been released for thermal energy costs and an additional provision of Ugsh 24Nn to cater for electricity projects under Ministry of Energy. The water sector
received Ugsh 105 Bn to meet obligations of water projects especially under the Kampala water and sanitation project.

Muhakanizi stressed the issue of accountability saying; “All Accounting Officers are required to sign individual budget performance contracts effective this financial year. Failure to adhere to the
reporting requirements will attract sanctions including non-appointment, immediate withdraw of appointment and halting financial transactions of non-compliant votes.”



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