Govt Pledges More Support Towards Catholic Church

NRM Secretary Gneral Lumumba addressing catholics shorty after the service

NRM Secretary General, physician Justine Kasule Lumumba has pledged continued government commitment in supporting the development of different projects initiated and manned by the Catholic church.

Lumumba was this Sunday addressing a mammoth congregation at Pajure Catholic Parish shortly after the church service.

While delivering his sermon, the main celebrant Rev. Fr. Denis Ochaya spoke at length about the human loss and the destruction of property by the LRA rebels in the northern region during the insurgency.

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Three catholic priests including an Italian, Rev Fr. Raffaele Di Bari were butchered by the Joseph Kony – led rebel group.

Six other Catechists connected to Pajure parish church had their heads placed on a log in the church compound and chopped to death.

“This area suffered a lot and when we see our leaders here, we continue asking for support”, said Fr. Ochaya.

Responding to the Priest’s concerns, Lumumba said the NRM government was committed to continue supporting the churches.

She cited an example of Agago District where government has already made a contribution towards the construction of the Paimul shrines located in the home area of BL. Daudi Okello and BL. Jildo Irwa.

Lumumba caused excitement among the congregation when she mentioned that her 14-year old son had even been named after Irwa.

She promised to return to the Sub Region in Agago District in October this year to join in the church celebrations of the two Saints.

The co-celebrant, Rev. Fr. Leonsio Akeno said the Catholic Church treasurers the NRM’s Secretary General as ‘one of their own committed daughters’.

Lumumba called upon the people of Pajule to turn up in bigger numbers to receive the party chairman and President in Aruu North Constituency on Tuesday next week. She later held a closed meeting with the priests to further discuss church related matters before proceeding to her second meeting of the day.


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