Govt Increases Salaries for Chief Justice, Permanent Secretaries

Salaries for the Chief Justice, information pills his deputy, ask head of public service, for sale deputy head of public service and permanent secretaries have been enhanced.
According to a circular issued by the Ministry of Public Service, this salary enhancement took effect on January 1 2017.
The Chief Justice whose previous monthly salary was Shs 11,560,150 will now be paid Shs 20,000,000 while his deputy will now receive Shs 7,467,419 more than what he has been earning (Shs 10,000,000).
The salary for the head of Public service has been increased by Ugsh 12,647,941 from Ugsh 4,952,059.
He is now to receive a whooping Ugsh 17,600,000 in emoluments.
His deputy is now to be paid Ugsh 15,500,000 from Ugsh 4,099,486.
Previously, permanent secretaries have been paid Ugsh 3,768,835 monthly.
In the revised emoluments, they will now earn Ugsh 15,400,000 every month.
“The salary enhancement takes effect on 1st January 2017. You are required to utilize the resources within your votes and where inadequate, further guidance will be provided by the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the treasury,” a circular letter dated January 12 and authored by Catherine Birakwate Musingwire, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, stated.
The letter was copied to the head of public service in the Office of the President, the Secretary to the Treasury in the Ministry of Finance and the Secretary Courts of Judicature.


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