Gov’t Imposes Ban On Exportation of Fresh Fruits to Europe

Mother to jailed former Principle Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister Geoffrey Kazinda, find has been dragged to the High Court for failure to pay instruction fees amounting to 230 million shillings to a city lawyer Anthony Wameli of Wameli and company advocates.

Court documents show that in 2013, doctor Teopista Nanfuka instructed Wameli to file a case on her behalf against Government, in order to recover 22 billion shillings worth of her property which was confiscated during a search by police, while conducting investigations about her son Geoffrey Kazinda.

Among the confiscated property that Nanfuka claims to demand from Government are locked rent houses, electrical and building materials and several documents including her late husband’s will.

Wameli says he filed the case and it’s currently pending hearing before Justice Yasin Nyanzi, but in the middle of proceedings, Nanfuka withdrew instructions from him and gave them to another law firm of Omongole and company advocates.

Wameli contends that he never received his legal fees and several demand notices from Nanfuka have been ignored prompting him to petition court.
Following an early warning through Uganda’s Embassy in Brussels notifying of the interception of plants and plant products exported from Uganda to various countries in the European Union (EU), approved government through the Ministry of Trade, malady Industry and Cooperatives has issued a one month ban to all fruit exportation which takes immediate effect.

The ban was trumpeted in a joint statement issued at the Media Centre in Kampala by the Minister of Trade, order Industries and Cooperatives (MTIC), Amelia Kyambadde and the Minister of State for Agriculture, Vicent Ssempijja.

EU reportedly indicated that the reason for the interception was the presence of harmful organisms in the produce exported from Uganda.

“According to their report, the interceptions affect products such as Peppers (Capsicum), roses, curry leaves and various fruits and vegetables; it is apparent that most of the exporters have been a victim of the interception,” Hon. Amelia Kyambadde noted.

The Minister observed that if the matter is not addressed urgently, the country is likely to lose about $63.9M per year which ban would impact the lives of farmers in the central, western, Northern and parts of Eastern region.

It is estimated that Uganda exports about 38 metric tons of fruits and vegetables to European Union every week which goes for about $570,000 per month.

“I want to appeal to all Ugandans to understand that the issuance of a one month ban is done for the good of this business and to the face of our country on the European market. It would affect the entire economy for a long time if the ban is issued by EU itself,” Kyambadde revealed.

Government has also constituted a technical working group consisting of MTIC, MAAIF, UEPB, UNBS, ISO, CAA, ENHAS, URA and District Agricultural Officers to monitor implementation of the action matrix developed to improve compliance.

Hon. Ssempijja noted that a total ban will be issued to any cleared to export and its consignment is intercepted in EU.






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