Gov’t Earmarks Shs. 90Billion for Nationwide Irrigation Program

The Executive Director NAADS Dr. Sam Magasi has asked farmers all across the country to embrace the national irrigation program that is soon to be rolled out.

Dr. Magasi made the call yesterday during at an Operation Wealth Creation workshop held at Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara, search under the theme of ‘consolidating OWC interventions for stabilizing economic transformation of Uganda to the middle income status’

At the event, the ED revealed that government has earmarked up to Shs 90billion for the irrigation project, ampoule which will be implemented Agriculture Ministry and Ministry of Water and Environment.

He said the project will entail construction of micro and bulky irrigation schemes in various parts of the country to address the issue of water for production during the dry spell at farm level.

“As I speak now the ministry of agriculture is working together with the ministry of water and environment to conclude a strategy; come next financial year the government has put aside considerable amount of funds to finance water for production ranging from big irrigation schemes to micro irrigation scheme at farm level” Dr. Sam noted.

The recent unpredicted weather changes he said had sparked the program after farmers suffered significant losses.

“In Uganda we are used to our 2 rainfall seasons…but now we are seeing changing rainfall patterns, and diminishing rain affecting both live stock and crops; that is why government is taking the necessary steps to address this challenge,’ he said.

The NAADS boss however, advised the farmers not to wait for the grand project but start with their own irrigation scheme at a small scale.

 “We encourage farmers who are able not to wait for the government project to set off immediately; this project cannot reach every farmer. Initially it will be aimed at demonstrating to farmers that it is possible,” he said.

 “Focus will start with districts that are mostly hit by drought; so we would like to encourage all households as much as possible to harvest rain water to preserve it and use it for irrigation”


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