Gov’t Denies Persecuting Kasese for Voting FDC

Gen Odong addressing journalists at Media Centre on Tuesday. (Photo by: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Government has denied allegations it is persecuting the people in the Rwenzori area, thumb particularly Kasese district for voting for opposition’s biggest political party , physician the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Opposition politicians especially those from the Rwenzori region have on several occasions accused government of persecuting people in the area for voting for FDC in the previous election citing the Saturday and Sunday incidents in which over 60 royal guards were killed  and the Omusinga of Rwenzururu kingdom arrested after an attack on his palace in Kasese.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday morning at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, the Minister for Internal Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odong said the rumors could not substantiated because they were baseless.

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“The NRM lost in many other areas but we have not persecuted them, why Kasese,” Gen. Odong wondered.

“At any rate, the disturbances in the Rwenzori area predate the February 2016 elections. In 2012 we had disturbances and also in July 2014. Had government lost elections there?”

The Internal Affairs minister told journalists that security matters and criminality ought not to be politicized by anyone stressing those responsible for any deeds will be prosecuted.

He warned that those responsible for criminality and disturbing peace and security of the country should be ready to be held responsible for their deeds.

According to the Minister, a number of attacks have been orchestrated on the security installments like police stations, army barracks and a number of security officers killed in the fights as well as weapons being looted by the attackers whom he said have a connection with the Rwenzururu kingdom.

“In 2014, youths from the kingdom attacked  military and other security  installations but we have realized these have graduated from youths to a militia,” Gen. Odong said.

“They are recruited, trained, armed, camped and uniformed and this new militia group termed as ‘Kirumira mutima’(translated as those who keep secrets).We therefore had no option but disarm these royal guards.”


The Internal Affairs Minister said they believe among the reasons government suspects as the cause for of the violence in the Rwenzori area is a need to secede and form their own republic.

Gen.Odong said government thinks the Bakonzo in Uganda and the Banande in DRC want to secede to form their own Yiira republic.

“We suspect what is going on is related to that secessionist movement and we will investigate and understand the extent to which it has contributed to the violence.”

However, Rwenzururu spokesperson Clarence Bwambale Mumbahya denied plans toform a separatist state known as Yiira Republic.

“It is important to note that Kasese’s political stand today has left some selfish political failure’s hands tied and the only way to be recognised again by government, is to feed government on wrong information basing on the past weaknesses of our forefathers’ dream of forming a new state which was withdrawn since the main actor died,” said Mwambale.

Gen Odond said that government suspects that the creation of the Obusinga and Obudinghya bwa Bwamba that was hinged on creation of harmony between the 2 communities has only made matters worse.

Gen. Jeje said they will investigate and find out the extent to which fights between these 2 cultural institutions has led to the violence in Rwenzori region.

On Saturday and Sunday, the tension in the Rwenzori area climaxed with the attack on police and UPDF by people suspected to have been the Omusinga royal guards leading to death of more than 14 police officers.

Later a joint operation between the police and the UPDF climaxed into an attack onto the Omusinga palace leading to death of more than 40 royal guards and the arrest of the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere.


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