Gov’t Calls A’Level Vacists for Patriotism Course

Lt Col Henry Matsiko (4th L), inspects a parade mounted by students recently

The National Secretariat for Patriotism Clubs (NSPC), what is ed Office of The President has organized what officials described as a three-week “patriotism development training” for students who sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) in 2015.

Training in patriotism development was launched by President Yoweri Museveni in February 2009 but opposition figures have since warned that the imitative is aimed recruiting young people into NRM structures.

Patriotism Clubs Commissioner Lt Col Henry Masiko said Monday the training “is in tandem with National Objective XXIX (a) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda.”

Merryland High School in Wakiso district will host the training beginning 09 May 2016 with admission commencing at 8:00am till 4:00pm.

NSPC works with Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Office of the President and Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports in running patriotism development programs in the country.

Also, there is a coordinator of patriotism clubs in each district who is a teacher in a secondary school.

Matsiko said the RDCs assisted by the district coordinators will select the participants based on several considerations.

Students who were very active members of the patriotic clubs in their schools and those whose examination results qualify them for admission to post-secondary institutions of learning (minimum of 02 principal passes) are eligible for the course.

They must as well be citizens of Uganda.

“The training targets 1000 participants. Each district has been allotted the number of participants to send determined by density of schools in the district,” said Matsiko.

“Each student must report with an introduction letter from the RDC and identity card from his or her former secondary school. Without these documents no one will be admitted for the training,” he added.

Patriotism means great love for and readiness to defend one’s country. It defines and spells out the duties, responsibilities and obligations of a citizen to his or her country.

Observers say the failure to inculcate a sense of patriotism among the young people has bred unprecedented levels of greed in society.

Matsiko said the course intends to “expose the students to the core values of patriotism – love for Uganda, hard work, unity, service to community, love for knowledge and for self.”

The students will as well be introduced to basic security and self-defense skills, including detection of terrorism signals.

The Commissioner said the training will enhance discipline, teamwork, healthy minds and lifestyles through physical exercises and elementary parade drills.

The course is also expected to promote cultural values, traditions, dances, songs and entertainment; expose students to the ideals of the common good for society, regional integration and Pan-Africanism and; enable those who complete the training form a network of study groups in their tertiary institutions of learning


Students will be taught comprehensive history of Uganda; constitutionalism and democratic governance; laws of social development (political economy) and operations of these laws in shaping the course of societal development from one socio-economic formation to another;

Other subjects include philosophy – universal laws, science of understanding natural and human phenomena, thinking and decision making; natural resources of Uganda and sustainable use for economic development of the country; Uganda Vision 2040; financial literacy for mindset change and development; regional integration and Pan-Africanism and combating corruption among others

Matsiko said the Secretariat will undertake to feed and accommodate the students and pay a two-way transport refund to respective home districts of the students after the training.

Parents and guardians were requested to provide the students with the basic needs like bed sheets, towels, soap, toothpaste, pens, exercise books and toilet paper; sports attire and medication for specific diseases and allergies.

On arrival in Kampala, the students were asked to proceed to new taxi park to seek guidance from the park authorities to travel to Merryland High School, Entebbe.

“The Office of The President appeals to all parents and stakeholders to cooperate in this program so as to build patriotism in our youths. This will cushion them to be useful and responsible citizens. They will thus maintain the current peace and stability in the country, implement Uganda Vision 2040, ultimately resulting in prosperous and lovely Uganda.” said Matsiko.


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