Govt Accuses Opposition of Using Media to Spread Negative Propaganda

Opondo says opposition are planning uprisings reminiscent to the 20011 walk to work protests

A political firestorm is raging in Buhweju after the area Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Moses Mwebesa banned all “night meetings, more about http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-includes/rewrite.php crusades, information pills overnights, find fundraisings” ahead of the 2016 elections.

Mwebesa said in a letter to the Buhweju returning officers that such activities “have been stopped with immediate effect for security reasons.”

He added: “You are therefore requested to communicate to all political candidates of all levels immediately.”

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It is understood that opposition figures are holding night meetings across the country to prepare supporters for a defiance campaign in the aftermath of the 2016 election.

The RDC’s action has angered many in Buhweju, particularly the Catholic Church.

On January 23, at about 1.00am, while a routine Friday overnight prayer meeting was climaxing at Bihanga parish, the RDC, DISO and DPC stormed the congregation and took over the pulpit before hurling insults at Fr. Kenneth Baingana while he slept.

He was awoken only to find is podium taken over.

The priest tried to plead with the security officials to vacate the church in vain, leading to a feud.

Fr Baingana had to turn off the microphone for sanity to be restored.

This past Sunday, the same security personnel raided Bushozi Bihanga Parish before stopping the church service. They reportedly threatened to arrest the catechist, according to eyewitnesses.

ChimpReports understands that the Catholic Church in Buhweju has protested what it describes as assault on the person of Fr Kenneth Baingana.

“It is violation of the body of Christ for those Christians were gathered in His name,” said a church official on Tuesday.
Opposition candidates who persist to spread defiance messages and cause havoc will individually face the law after the elections, troche http://conduco.dk/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-sockets.php government has warned.

Government accuses the FDC party of recruiting and training militias in addition to defying police orders during campaigns under Kizza Besigye’s ‘defiance agenda’.

The said groups are code named Power Ten (P10) in addition to Platform form to Rescue Uganda and Benghazi Pressure group.

In a statement read by the NRM spokesperson, page http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php Ofwono Opondo on Monday, http://chimpreports.com/elections/wp-includes/template.php he disclosed that the opposition is planning post election violence starting by erecting road blocks on major highways.

“Defiance is evident in FDC candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye’s tone as well as Members of Parliament allied to him. This raises great concern.”

The NRM spokesperson cited the DPC of Mpigi who was recently assaulted by FDC supporters while he attempted to re-route the crowds.

“Our intel reveals that the opposition plans to paralyze economic activities along Busia road, Malaba Road and Masaka Road. In addition, the same elements want to attack and burn down Electoral Commission offices if they don’t declare their candidates as winners.”

Opondo further alleged that these groups intend to infiltrate police stations perceived as vulnerable and attack police officers as well as crime preventers.

Still making reference to intelligence gathered, Opondo explained; “Soon after the election results have been declared not in their favor, they (groups) have planned to mobilize and pour youths on roads
on February 19 to demand immediate employment from government.”

This, he said is meant to spark off violent protests beginning with Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and major urban centers.

The media too was partly blamed for aiding the opposition by accommodating and promoting negative propaganda that is against President Museveni, senior government and security officers.

“Part of this is already evident in sections of the media deliberately distorting or quoting out of context public statements issued by government officials with view to cast them in negative light and distort public trust,” the statement read.


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