Government Rolls Out Citizen Interaction Centre

Minister Frank Tumwebaze

The Government of Uganda is set to launch the Citizen Interaction Centre to serve as the primary contact point for its citizens and platform for people-driven monitoring of service delivery.

Officials said the platform also will be used as a primary channel for feedback and suggestions from citizens.

“Our call center agents will be recording down all citizen queries raised on line and phone and will be processed through government, drugs ” said ICT and National Guidance Minister, visit this Frank Tumwebaze.

He said a toll free code 900 will be used by citizens to “call government at any time,” adding, “Telecoms are now connecting to enable toll free” connections.

Officials who have been working hard to implement the project told ChimpReports on Wednesday that timely, cost-effective and data driven communication between Government and Citizens is a critical aspect in service delivery, ideas generation, innovations and citizens participating in their governance.

The initiative comes against the backdrop of increased public outcry over poor service delivery.

Despite government spending heavily on monitoring units, delivery of public services in nearly all sectors of the economy remains unsatisfactory.

This has led to continuous abuse of public funds by government officials.

We are informed that in order to harmonize government communication and increase contact with citizens, President Museveni recently directed Tumwebaze to set up a Government Call Centre and other information technology (IT) propelled facilities that have capability to harness data and information to promote citizen’s communications with Government.

In a bid to operationalize and achieve the foregoing, the Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) was initiated. GCIC will primarily aggregate data from MDAs and transform it into crisp, simplified, visualized and analyzed information – and channel it to responsible dissemination/ communication centers of government.

Tumwebaze said GCIC shall have a “dedicated team of data miners to specifically deal with breakdown of budget allocations and releases up to sub-county level.”

He added: “This will result into effectiveness of public policy performance by enhancing monitoring of service delivery and provision of real time channel for feedback, suggestions and action from citizens.”


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