Government Reassures Ugandans Living In South Africa

Violence has been escalating in Durban against foreigners

Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said is closely monitoring the ongoing situation in South Africa where foreign nationals especially those of the African origin are being attacked.

About 5 people have been brutally murdered and thousands displaced by South African mobs, accusing the foreigners of crippling their economy.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Mr Fred Opolot revealed in a statement that while a number of foreigners in South African had been reported affected, no Uganda case had been singled out so far.

He said, “Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its High Commission in Pretoria confirmed that none of these fatalities so far involved any Ugandan.”

The Ministry further advised Ugandans living in South Africa especially those in Durban and Johannesburg to exercise maximum caution and to keep in touch with the mission.

“The Government of South Africa, whilst condemning the attacks has given assurance that it is taking appropriate measures to restore the situation to normalcy,” noted Opolot.


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