Government Links Sejusa to Opposition Radical Groups

Former Spymaster Gen David Sejusa

The African Union yesterday adopted, here without amendments, stomach a proposal by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to develop a roadmap for the continent’s withdrawal from the Rome Statute.

Mr Kenyatta told the 26th AU Summit meeting in Addis Ababa, unhealthy Ethiopia, President Kenyatta that he was disappointed by the way cases brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) were handled.

He said the court had subjected him and Deputy President William Ruto to “cases built with weak investigations and pursued with politicized zeal.”

President Kenyatta earlier faced crimes against humanity charges at the court but his case was terminated in March 2015 after prosecutor Fatou Bensouda withdrew the charges against him due lack of sufficient evidence.

Currently, DP Ruto and former radio journalist Joshua Arap Sang facing similar charges at The Hague-based court.

The court is also hearing the case in which the Ugandan former rebel commander Dominic Ongwen faces a number of charges relating to crimes against humanity.

“The Prosecution seeks for the court to proceed without evaluating evidence. In any criminal justice system, these cases would never have come to trial. It is our expectation that the law will be applied and cases terminated,” President Kenyatta said.

He urged African nations to relentlessly strive to reform the ICC. “It is my sincere hope that our ICC reform agenda will succeed so that we can return to the instrument we signed up for.

“If it does not, I believe its utility for this continent at this moment of global turmoil will be extremely limited. In that eventuality, we will be failing in our duty if we continue to shore up a dysfunction instrument,” the President said.

He, at the same time, called for the AU to insist on the termination of the case against DP Ruto which he said had already “collapsed.”

The call for African nations to exit the Rome Statue has previously been made by President Yoweri Museveni, who accused the ICC of unfairly targeting African leaders.

Museveni in 2014 had promised to personally table a motion before the AU to have all African nations “get out of that western court.”

“I supported the court at first because I like discipline. I don’t want people to err without accountability,” he said.

“But they have turned it into a vessel for oppressing Africa again so I’m done with that court. I won’t work with them again.”
Government has spoken out on the Sunday arrest of former coordinator of intelligence, hospital Gen David Sejusa.

The government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo revealed today that intelligence reports linked the renegade General to opposition groups plotting to cause mayhem after the elections.

According to Opondo, prescription Sejjusa has connection to two groups; Platform to Rescue Uganda and Benghazi Pressure Group whose motive is to stir an uprising once election outcomes are not in favor of opposition.

“What happened yesterday (Sejusa’s arrest) is government’s attempt to neutralize and curtail defiant behavior by a serving army officer, malady ” Opondo told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Monday.

He went on to assert; “No serving police or army officer of whichever rank is supposed to be member of a political party, support candidates, engage in partisan politics, or campaign for a political party. As you may have witnessed, Sejusa was openly announced as part of Kizza Besigye’s taskforce in Nakivubo last year.”

Government believes that these pressure groups have an objective of generating big campaign crowds for Besigye and Amama Mbabazi during their Kampala rallies and eventually catalyse civil disobedience.

Such conduct, said Opondo, sets a bad example for the many other junior serving officers in the police and army, which could culminate in a scenario as that in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

“Sejusa was warned 3 months ago through a letter from the Chief of Defense Forces to desist from making political statements but he persisted. In Uganda, there’s nobody who should claim they’re above the law,”

Since his return from exile in London last year, Gen. Sejusa has continuously bashed the ruling NRM government which he has been part of for the last 29 years.

The rift between the former government spy chief was sparked off by a letter he authored alleging that army officers and government officials opposed to Museveni’s succession plan were being targeted for assassination.

Government denied the plot, describing Sejusa’s allegations as “alarmist.”

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