Government Denies Plan to Put 10Year Old Kids on Family Planning

The Health Ministry says the policy plan to put 10year old children on Family Planning has not been approved.

Ministry of Health have dismissed reports of an existing policy plan to enroll children as young as 10years to access family planning services.

The said plan is entailed in the Ministry’s National Policy Guidelines and Service Standards for Sexual and Reproductive Health Guidelines of 2012.

The Document was quoted this week as providing for efforts on delaying sex debut and increasing contraceptive use among sexually active adolescents

Party of the document reads, viagra “All adolescents are eligible for the health services. Increase age-appropriate information, health access, generic and use of family planning among young people aged between 10 and 24 years.”

Yesterday, the Health Ministry confirmed the existence of the policy plan but said it has not been approved and has never been implemented.

The Director General Health Services Anthony Mbonye said in a press statement, “The Guidelines are currently being reviewed and updated by the minister of Health and partners to address changes in facts, statistics and practices before the revised document can be endorsed for implementation.”

Prof Mbonye however, doesn’t explain the thinking behind the draft policy, which since the media reports came out sparked concerns amongst parents and stakeholders.

He noted, the “The Ministry of Health’s stand on family planning for young people remains; Abstinence, Delay of age of sexual debut Age and context appropriate sexual reproductive health information for young people.”

He said the policy now under review can only be endorsed when such concerns have been ironed out.


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