Government Commissions Board to Set Minimum Wage

Information Minister Jim Muhwezi

“So David triumphed over the Philistine (goliath) with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down Goliath and killed him.” This is a famous story quote from the book 1 Samuel 17:50, dosage and perhaps one of the inspirations for one man born in Mt. Darwin, discount 42 years ago in the capital city of Zimbabwe in Harare.

Lordmore  Karanda has decided to fight all odds to see himself at the helm of world football most powerful seat, the Fifa Presidency, backed by one of the greatest Senegalese-born-American hip hop superstar, Akon.

Chimpreports’s Fred Mwambu caught up with Mr. Lordmore Karanda has this interview.

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Chimpreports: what spurred you to think of that job?

Mr. Karanda: I am passionate about football development and the game itself to develop throughout the world by supporting women into the sport. I have always enjoyed the beautiful game and I cannot sit and watch while corruption damages the big game. So I feel it’s my responsibility to harness the supply of development funding and bring back people to account.

Chimpreports: How do you expect to achieve that?

Mr. Karanda: I will prioritize honesty, transparency, racism, corruption if Fifa has to survive the coming 5 years as an organization. I will setup a system which will be associated user-friendly and representing the interests of all footballing nations regardless of how much money they have and successful their leagues are.

Chimpreports: You talked of supporting the women, what will you do exactly?

Mr. Karanda: I will empower women into positions so that they promote the game in their countries. It will be my goal to make sure every child has access to a football coach from age 5-16 years as this is an area which suffers most as most coaches concentrate on matured players playing in leagues.

Chimpreports: why did you choose Fifa presidency and not Zimbabwe FA which is ailing?

Mr. Karanda: I have bigger ambitions to help the world football as much as Africa which is still behind. In our Shona culture we say if you attack a big snake, you better start with the head as the tail will not kill the snake.

Chimpreports: One big hip hop music star has thrown his weight behind you, tell us about it.

Mr. Karanda:  Yes. Akon who has embarked on a multi-million dollar solar project in Africa bringing light to 600 million felt he should bring light to football fans as well as his former nation Senegal. I have asked for USD 100,000 knowing how expensive the campaign will be.

Chimpreports: several big shots in football have shown interest in the job for example Diego Maradona; don’t you think you will be inferior?

Mr. Karanda: It is not about being a former world football star player to contest but the integrity and passion to drive the exciting game forward as a brand and business uniting nations like Israel and Palestine and all those nations who are still bitter with each other because of their difference as football will unite people. I will be the first black president making history in the football world coming from a small country in Africa which has not won African cup or qualified to the world cup.

Chimpreports: Do you have any last word?

Mr. Karanda: I know that i am punching above my weight but for you to win anything you need to launch a challenge and throw a few punches. I might not be financially or physically heavy weight but my football brain is tactically aware of the new tricks like nutmegs and rondo sessions with nous.

Chimpreports: Ok. We wish you success.

Mr. Karanda: Thank you.

Mr. Lordmore Karanda is a senior football administrator in Zimbabwe and owner of Zimbabwe Football Development Academy (-Centre of football Excellence and National Health Service 2014). He studied Criminology at St George’s University of London, a Zimbabwe Football philosopher, Entrepreneur, football coach and philanthropist based in the UK.

Over 65 health workers in Kabarole District have threatened to lay down their tools and even undress over the district’s failure to clear their salary arrears of over 3 years.

The distressed, buy who include, discount among others; enrolled nurses, here mid wives, health inspectors and doctors, claim that they have not been paid their salary arrears for the financial years between 2009-2013.

Speaking to ChimpReports’ Steven Ainganiza, the medics say they have been left no choice and that they expect that their decision is set to leave hundreds of patients stranded.

“We are demanding over shs 130m for the years; 2009 to 2013. We have heard that funds were deposited on the district’s accounts but that it was diverted,” one of the Medics revealed.

In response to this move, the district chairman, Richard Rwabuhinga asked the medics to be calm and patriotic.

He assured them that the Chief Administration Officer was working with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance to ensure invoices are delivered to Bank of Uganda and the payments made.

Kabalole District Health Officer, Dr. Richard Obeti  assured the Medics that he had compiled a list of the aggrieved workers and submitted it to the office of the CAO to process the payments.

Dr. Obeti appealed to the health workers to be calm and wait for the CAO to complete the process as the strike will drastically affect service delivery in the health sector in the district.

“The strike will affect service delivery especially pregnant mothers. The issue of salaries has been sorted and starting this month, they are to receive their pay between 24th and 26th of every month unlike in the past,” he added.
In the wake of relentless calls for a minimum wage to be established in the country, page Cabinet has approved Members to serve on Uganda’s Minimum Wages Advisory Board.

The Board according to information Minister Maj Gen Jim Muhoozi will undertake studies and make proposals about a minimum wage in Uganda, symptoms for Government’s consideration.

Among other roles, doctor the board will be undertaking a comprehensive study on the wage trends in different sectors of the economy by analyzing employment trends, cost of living, and wage trends by profession and geographical regions.

The Board’s recommendations of the board shall be presented to cabinet again for approval within a period of nine months.

Government has over the past been years been under pressure from various unions for ignoring the minimum wage which is required of each country by the UN’s International Labor Organization.

Ministry of labor however fears that rushing to fix a minimum wage without regard some of the factors may destabilize the macro-economic framework and affect employment trends.

The Members who have been approved to the Minimum Wage advisory Board include:

Mr. Christoper Manyindo Kassami –              Chairperson

Mr. Chris Kanya –              Member

Mr. Turyasiima Milton –              Member

Ms. Nazziwa Juliet Musome –              Member

Wapakhabulo Fred Robert Namawa –              Member

Mr. Pajobo Joram Bruno –              Member

Ms. Kusasira Dina –              Member.

Government will consider the proposals by the Board to review the minimum wage in Uganda, which was last set by Government in 1984 at Shs 6,000 by Statutory Instrument No. 38 of 1984. After the currency reform of 1987, the minimum wage was adjusted to Shs 60.

“Such a wage is, indeed, inconsistent with the cost of living and other aspects of employee welfare in Uganda today. The Minimum Wages Advisory Board, will, therefore, float proposals to ensure that our workers are not exploited, especially those in enterprises without vibrant Labour Unions,” said Minister Muhwezi.

“This will also ensure that investors are guided on national benchmarks regarding wages for purposes of stable and harmonious business operations in Uganda.”




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