Government Asks Ugandans In South Africa To Register Themselves

Foreign Affairs PS James Mugume addressing press today

Following the widespread xenophobic violence in South Africa targeting foreigners of African descent,  Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Ugandans living there to be extra cautious as government prepares its next course of action.

While addressing press at the Ministry Headquarters in Kampala on Saturday, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Amb. James Mugume asked Ugandans living in South Africa to register themselves and hand their updated total number to the Uganda officials for better planning.

“We are asking Chairpersons of Ugandan Associations to register their members and forward lists to the High Commission in order to update its records on the numbers and locations of Ugandans in South Africa, ” said Mugume.

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As the violence which has claimed 6 lives and displaced thousands continues to spread, a number of counties have announced plans to have their citizens there repatriated back home including neighboring Kenya.

Meanwhile the PS revealed that a multi-agency task force had been set up in Kampala to monitor the situation and advise government accordingly, as it continues to liaise with the Uganda High Commission in Pretoria.

“We continue to work closely with our South African counterparts to get updates of the situation, so far, reports indicate that semblance has returned to the most affected areas,” he noted.

Mugume added that despite the widespread violence, no Ugandan had so far been reported to be affected save for one who was murdered in a robbery.

He advised Ugandans to exercise maximum caution by staying within the communities they reside, especially those living in Durban and Johannesburg as the most affected areas, and to keep in touch with the Mission as necessary.

Uganda Police on the other hand has issued a communiqué advising Ugandans living in South Africa who have any information regarding any xenophobic attacks to report it to the Interim Chairman of Uganda Southern Africa Association, on 4thFloor No. 57, Meischke’s Building, 42Harrison Street, JHB 2001 P. O. Box 11115 JHB 2000, Tel: 083 9680959, 073 388 4257 Fax: 086 560 0490.


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