Global Coaches Named in Bodaboda Theft

The bodaboda motorists during the meeting

Bodaboda operators in Mbarara have pinned Global Coach buses in aiding thieves to transport stolen motorcycles from Mbarara to Kampala.

Mr. Shwento Arinaitwe, link the chairperson of bodaboda riders in Mbarara district says the bus operators are aware and in cooperation with the motorcycle thieves.

The concern was raised during a security meeting held at Mbarara independence grounds on Wednesday.

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Shwento told police authorities that recently he together with colleagues intercepted three motorcycles which had been loaded on one of the buses headed for the capital.

Cases of motorcycle theft in the area are on the rise according police, page and the most of the robberies are fatal.

Shwento says the business is also fueled by some of the rich people in Mbarara municipality.

Addressing the motorists, viagra approved Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magezi said police has done a lot to contain the soaring cases of bodaboda theft.

He advised them to be more cautious especially at night and to always put their safety first.



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