Giving Back is a Symbolic Gesture, Says Brig Etyang.

A UPDF medical doctor Maj Katungi with Mr Omara Peter Lira sub-county chief briefing patients at Balapwo Health Centre 3

January 31, rx 2017, for sale the UPDF Chieftancy of Medical Services has begun offering selected medical services to the Lango community in line with its mandate to bridge the gap between the people and the military during this year’s TareheSita Celebrations.

This medical team in Lira District will offer free dental and eye care services, carry out diabetes and pressure checks, offer free HIV/AIDS counselling and testing,provide free treatment of malaria and typhoid, among others.

At Barapwo Health Centre III, in Lira Sub County, the UPDF medical team will also rehabilitate the placenta pit and the Out – Patient Department. The Placenta Pit was initially poorly designed due to poor workmanship, and UPDF will redesign its top by making it round and water-tight.

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During the week-long army activities, UPDF works to rectify performance gaps in mainly the field of education and health which justifies the action at Awiirao Primary School and Barapwo Health Centre III, according to Brig George Johnson Etyang as overall supervisor of the 2017 UPDF works in Lango area.

Brig Etyang, noted that UPDF is a People’s Army and without them, it can’t exist.

“We share difficulties and successes with people, which explains our actions in Lango, despite the prominent budget constraints faced by UPDF,” Brig Etyang told the press and members of the local community, adding that  UPDF’s TareheSita activities are a symbolic gesture to the people of Lango for their positive role towards the success of the struggle.

He added that, in other areas, the need to solve the existing gaps was more than UPDF’s capacity, since the latter, operates on a strict budget. But promised to coordinate with the leadership to solve many other challenges.

MajKatungi, a UPDF medical officer, appreciated the response of the local community  who turned out in big numbers to receive medical services.

Omara Peter, the Senior Assistant Secretary for Lira sub-county, appreciated the intention of UPDF to bring services near to the people.

Ebong Moses, a local resident of Amusha Parish, thanked UPDF for the wonderful work and requested UPDF to continue in the same spirit.


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