South Sudan

German Air Force Evacuates Western Nationals Trapped in South Sudan


Unspecified number of German Air Force evacuation aircrafts landed in the troubled world’s youngest nation of South Sudan on Tuesday night.
The planes carefully picked from the aerial warfare branch of the
German armed forces evacuated their citizens estimated at 100
and also hundreds of people from other European Union nations stranded
in Juba.
According to diplomatic sources the aircrafts were supposed to start
the mission at 11:00am local time but were delayed for about an hour.
The move by the German army was mainly due to the absence of flights
to or from Juba.
“Our people are stuck there with no hopes. They have run out of
essentials and everything else is sickening. We have to act, pharmacy ” a
diplomatic source who asked not to be named told ChimpReports.
Airlines cancelled flights to Juba on Sunday when the clashes between
President Salva Kiir forces and those of his vice Dr. Riek Machar that
started on Thursday drastically aggravated.

The single international
airport in the country was subsequently closed the same day.
The German ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman, Ms. Sawsan Chebli
briefly told reporters in Berlin that the army planes arrived in South
Sudan to evacuate Germans and “international citizens”.
ChimpReports understand the US citizens and Japanese are also to use
the same German Air Force aircrafts.
On Monday the US Department of States approved an order for the
departure of all non-emergency staffs from the country’s embassy in


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