Gen Tumukunde’s Ministerial Appointment Challenged in Court

Gen Henry Tumukunde takes a salute after being decorated at Ministry of Defence Headquarters in Mbuya

A political activist from Bunyoro -Kitara Kingdom has petitioned the Constitutional Court in Kampala challenging President Museveni’s appointment of Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde as the cabinet Minister for Security before the elapsing of 7 years after his conviction by the General Court Martial.

Rogers Kanti a resident of Kirasa Village In Masindi Municipal council and an engineer by profession  seeks orders  to declare Tumukunde’s appointment illegal on grounds that he was convicted  in the Makindye General Court Martial by offences related to Moral turpitude in 2012.

Tumukunde was found guilty of spreading harmful propaganda on a talk show in 2005 and was sentenced to a caution.

The petitioner holds that Tumukunde’s appointment is a violation of several Articles of the Constitution and principles of democratic governance since he should have not held any public office until seven years have elapsed.

His ministerial appointment came only four years after conviction.

Through his lawyers of Rwakafuuzi and company advocates, try Kanti wants court to declare that minister Tumukude’s appointment as a nullity.

The Attorney General has not been summoned yet to file his response to the application.


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