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Gen Tumukunde Declares War on Armed Kifeesi Criminals

The new Minister for Security Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde has said he cannot afford seeing criminal gangs terrorizing the city and the country at large, visit web adding that his first task will be dealing with them.

Speaking at a function while receiving office from Hon Mary Karooro Okurut on Wednesday morning in Kampala, order the former chief spy said criminality will soon be a tale of the past.

He said the gangs are only small pockets that can easily be combated and defeated.

“There are these groups baptizing themselves good names like Kifeesi. They are only attempting to scare,” said Lt Gen Tumukunde.

The declaration is huge relief if well implemented especially at a time when the currently is grappling with armed robberies, terrorism, kidnaps and violent murders.

Police have fallen short of ending criminality especially in growing suburbs of Kampala.

People are being waylaid and robbed or killed from their gates.

The situation has of late gotten out hand with armed gangs staging ambushes in Kampala city to terrorise innocent civilians.

The police leadership has since faced criticism for using and relying of ex robbers to lead investigative bodies such as Police Flying Squad, relegating experienced and capable detectives.

“With all this machinery and the public giving us information,’ Awo wote tutawafungana’ (we shall fight all of them). I warn them to try their business elsewhere.”

The new security minister said that if government was able to fight terrorists who were more organized, they can’t fail on battling the criminal gangs.


According to the police spokesperson in charge of Kampala Metropolitan Area Patrick Onyango, the Kifeesi group operates during the busy and rush hours of the day in junctions and most frequented places.

“They grab phones from passengers, open car doors and snatch women handbags and other items,” he says.

“Their operations don’t last long and it is not easy for anyone near you to notice that something is happening,” Onyango told Chimpreports recently.

He added; “Others operate in early morning and late evening rush hours, grabbing items from especially pedestrians in areas like Namirembe Road, Nsambya traffic lights, Clock Tower, Entebbe Road and Queen’s Way among other spots.”

But another man who is not willing to sit back and watch this injustice unfold in the country’s capital city, without putting up a fight is Old Kampala DPC Muhammad Kirumira.

The policeman who is well conversant with the gangs says there’s another group of mechanics in places like KisSekka Market which specializes in braking into cars and stealing spare parts.

“They also steal vehicles from public places and parking yards, dismantle them and sell the parts as scrap,” he says.

“These groups, according to police, are composed of mainly repeat offenders who have served their sentences in prison and returned to terrorize the public. They operate in areas like Kisenyi, Katwe and other slum areas.”

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