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Gen Sejusa’s Cry: Why Detain Me in Dungeon?

Gen Sejusa in the dock at Makindye Military Court Martial on Tuesday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Supporters of Dr Kizza Besigye on Tuesday fought with police in Mbarara over traffic of the FDC Presidential Candidate’s convoy in the town, nurse http://currencymeter.com/wp-admin/includes/comment.php Chimp Corps report.

It all started with Mbarara District Police Commander Jaffar Magyezi leading cops in two patrol cars towards Besigye’s convoy.

Magezi said he wanted to see orderliness in Besigye’s convoy.

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He said some of the excited fans were driving recklessly thus posing a danger to other road users.

Magezi further cautioned that over-speeding was equally dangerous for the drivers and Besigye’s followers in the convoy.

Besigye waving at his supporters as he entered Mbarara for his last rally

Besigye waving at his supporters as he entered Mbarara for his last rally

At this juncture, clinic Besigye’s security said police should not disrupt the candidate’s convoy.

As Besigye’s convoy approached Mbarara-Ibanda road, several FDC supporters picked up sticks before confronting the cops.

This sparked off a fight that lasted a few minutes.

Besigye’s convoy exploited the scuffle to drive off to Kabindi. It still remains unclear if suspects have been held in the fracas.

Sejusa saga

Meanwhile, addressing supporters today, Besigye broke silence about Sejusa’s arrest, saying the army official was put behind bars for “telling the truth.”

“Whoever speaks his mind before the president threatens him,” said Besigye.

“What is happening to Sejusa occurred to when I wrote a dossier in 1999 on issues that were derailing the NRM from achieving its objectives. The arrest should not surprise anyone,” said Besigye.

Military prosecution today accused Sejusa of being away without official leave from the army for a period of more than a year, contrary to section 148 of the UPDF Act of 2005

The UPDF general is also charged with participating and attending political party meetings for the FDC, JEEMA and Democratic Party, yet he is still a serving army officer, contrary to section 16 of the political parties and organizations act of 2005.

Last year, Gen. Sejusa toured JEEMA offices in Mengo and Democratic Party headquarters in the city centre where he addressed members of the parties and press.

In November, according to documents from the army court, the former spymaster attended FDC and opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye’s rally after nomination at Nakivubo where he again addressed members.

“In conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline contrary to section 178 of the UPDF Act of 2005, Gen. Sejusa on 22, April, 2015 appeared without authorization from the army at a talk show on 89.2 CBS fm and made public statements contravening the code of conduct for the UPDF,” read part of the charge sheet.
Former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa has complained to the army court over what he said was detention in a dungeon.

Appearing before the Makindye-based General Court Martial on Tuesday afternoon, physician http://dangerdame.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/deprecated.php the former spymaster narrated to court what had happened to him in the 1970s when he was arrested by Amin’s soldiers before being detained at Makindye military barracks.

“A captain who is my guard comes with a padlock in his hand and tells me to get in as he locks the door. This reminds me of how I was arrested and bundled onto a truck before being detained in a dungeon at Makindye, there ” Gen Sejusa narrated.

“’Let it be recorded that I am being held in Cell number 4, order the dungeon which we used to call ‘Cell of No Return’ where Amin took me in 1976.’”

The maverick army officer complained that he went to the bush with other colleagues because that had serious aspirations like a fair society, good behaviour and consistence in issues of governance noting that this has not been accorded  to him during the trial .

“There are legislative norms but also natural norms on how people should be treated. None of these charges are new because I raised all this in the meeting I had with the president,” he said.

Earlier, the former spymaster through his lawyers had asked the army court to drop charges against him because it has no jurisdiction and that the High Court was about to pronounce itself on the same considering a case he had filed.

The army court chairman Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga however ordered that Gen. Sejusa be remanded at Luzira prison until Tuesday February 9.

Sejusa was charged with absence from the army, conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline and participation in partisan politics.


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