Gen Sejusa: We Must Fight Museveni

Gen Sejusa recently said coalition forces can defeat Museveni in 2016

The controversial former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa has stepped up his political campaign aimed at uniting opposition forces to give President Museveni a run for his money in the 2016 presidential elections.

After visiting Democratic Party headquarters and writing to the FDC, Sejusa on Wednesday visited Justice Forum (JEEMA) in Mengo.

Sejusa recently rolled out a new pressure group known as Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) which he now serves as a coordinator.

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Flanked by PRU members,  Sejusa arrived at JEEMA headquarters in Mengo at 2:45pm.

Party President Counsel Basalirwa appreciated PRU for finding the time to visit the Justice Forum and extended to Gen Sejusa and the PRU the assurances of JEEMA’ highest consideration.

Gen. Sejusa introduced the mission of PRU is “to provide a firm foundation to defeat the dictatorship by putting in place adequate capabilities”.

He emphasized the need for “capacity building of political forces in the country” and to “focus on uniting these capabilities to re-establish the sovereignty of the people.”

The NRA combatant who fought side by side with Museveni the 1981-86 guerrilla war and continues to serve in the army, what is ed warned NRM against rigging the 2016 elections.

“Even the Electoral Commission is involved in illegalities. They are using the National Identity card yet the entire process was not backed by law,” he added.

It remains unclear why the army is yet to take action against Sejusa for making political statements yet he is a serving General.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda recently said the UPDF is “monitoring” Sejusa who “knows very well that he is breaking the law.”

The UPDF Act bars serving army officers from engaging in partisan politics.

JEEMA Party Chairman Mayanja Kibirige spoke to the need for agreeing a combination of joint strategies by political forces to “overcome the state of despair that the nation is engulfed in.”

JEEMA Secretary General Kalinge-Nnyago affirmed JEEMA’s openness to a multi-pronged approach to causing political change and the importance to honour commitments by all partners in a cooperation.

PRU and JEEMA agreed to further this discussion in the coming days aimed at adopting a coordinated approach to the critical objective of causing sustainable political change in Uganda.


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