Gen Sejusa Resumes Campaign Against Museveni

Gen Sejusa [2nd Left] with DP officials addressing press at City House on Tuesday  (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) has explained why its leader, viagra http://childrensclasses.org/wp2012/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/interface.jetpack-sync-replicastore.php Gen David Sejusa has embarked on visits to different opposition political groups, purchase http://city-zen.info/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/view.feed.php saying he intends to rally their support to remove President Museveni from power.

It’s only in Uganda where a serving military general holds talks with opposition figures with the view of changing the statusquo and continues to move freely without any interruption by the state.

When Brig Henry Tumukunde publicly opposed President Museveni’s third term, http://crossfitnaples.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php he was immediately arrested on charges of spreading harmful propaganda and jailed.

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His case was disposed off almost a decade later.

Interestingly, Gen Sejusa who fled the country in 2013 to London where he declared war on Museveni’s government, continues to walk freely on Kampala streets.

He was chauffeured like a whole General under military police escort to State House Entebbe where he held talks with Museveni, fueling speculation that Sejusa was on an espionage mission abroad.

On Tuesday this week, Gen Sejusa met with DP leaders before addressing a press conference in which he warned that the 2016 presidential has already been technically rigged by the NRM.

Sejusa told the press that it is irrelevant to participate in an election whose winner has already been determined more than two years ago.

“Ugandans must know that elections are not won on the elections day but years before. Where do you think this whole National IDs issue came from? This election has been finished as we speak,” Sejusa observed.

He revealed that through research he conducted together with the other members, he found that some cards issued, which will be used in the election are not detected by the machines. This he claimed is to ensure that some targeted sections of the population are blocked from voting.

Observers will argue that perhaps after rejecting his application for retirement from the arm, Sejusa has decided to resume his political activities to fight Museveni.

Why I am mobilising against Museveni

On Wednesday morning, Sejusa said in a statement to ChimpReports that the political pressure group’s National Governing Council meeting, which sat on 11th April 2015, took a decision that PRU executive will visit the headquarters of all other political parties including that of the NRM.

“That is intended to establish a rapport among all groups that share the same mission and purpose; share our vision for the future and present our way forward to other compatriots so that an earnest debate on real concrete issues can begin; and try to give wanaichi hope that there is serious work going on and request them to be part of this mass movement now taking shape,” said Sejusa.

He said PRU executive was welcomed warmly by over 13 DP members of both the DP National Council, NEC and district chairmen from northern region, eastern region, western region and Buganda region.

“They were all led by the National Chairman of the Democratic Party and Jinja Mayor Haji Kezaala. Also present were the party Secretary General Hon Mathias Nsubuga Mpuga, the DP Publicity Secretary Mr Kenneth Kakande. Youth leaders and other dignitaries

On its part, the Platform to Rescue Uganda was led by its National Coordinator, General David Sejusa. He was accompanied by all the chairmen of the 10 political parties and other prominent individuals who now form PRU. The reception was warm and the respect mutual,” added Sejusa.

He revealed that the Democratic Party “is not only a friendly force in the struggle for justice and freedoms, but is actually a key strategic component in struggle to save Uganda. This is because of its history, consistency, versatile support base and clean leadership.”

He further explained that, “all forces, including DP, need to search for a reason why they have not ended the dictatorship so far. What are the drawbacks? What new thing is being done now which will ensure different results?”

Highly placed sources say President Museveni has been thinking on how to resolve the Sejusa issue without causing chaos or appearing as if he favours the flamboyant general which would undermine efforts to crack down on indiscipline in the army.

Sejusa said the current legal and political setup under the NRM is not intended to produce viable opposition parties but rather weak, confused and perennially starved of funds.

“It is still a hangover from the one party state in Uganda right from 1986 to 2005. The change has been in name but not in the inner dynamics of organisation, operation, resource acquisition and even general outlook. They are designed to look inferior to NRM and to give the impression that they are weak. But this can be reversed if understood and deliberately worked on,” said Sejusa.

“Therefore, as the opposition parties, including all those silent allies in NRM, start to now serious reposition ourselves in the middle of the new resistance. We must also start thinking about organising outside the narrow framework provided by the government. We need to extend the operational horizons as permitted by the Ugandan Constitution.”


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