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Gen Sejusa Movement Warns Museveni on Igniting Revolution

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has revealed that police intended to arrest him on Sunday night in Gulu while addressing people during “fireside chat”, tadalafil more about Chimp Corps report.

As the country prepares for the 2016 election, pill opposition leaders have been quietly mobilising people at night.

In Ankole, purchase the fireside chat conducted by elders is known as Ekiganiiro while the Acholi describes such a meeting as Wang OO.

These engagements have since angered the establishment especially at a time of heightened fears that opposition are planning violence ahead of the polls.


Mao said as he prepared to leave Bungatira in Aswa County, Gulu, heavily armed police came and surrounded opposition figures’ vehicles.

“The crowd that we had been speaking to at our Wang OO (fireside chat) threatened to confront them and that gave us time to escape their clutches. They had us in their grip for a few moments but we evaded them,” said Mao.

“I know that news went out that we were detained but all that happened is that we were surrounded for some time. We were not actually taken into police custody. But those who were in our convoy seeing that we had disappeared thought we had been arrested,” the outspoken politician clarified.

Reports had earlier indicated that Mao had been detained at Gulu Central Police Station.

“The police gave chase but we used Besigye like tactics to confound and elude them. We then surfaced at another Wang OO much later to the relief of the people,” he added.

Mao called upon the police “not to interfere with our cultural civic education which we carry out in our homesteads while sitting around a fire. This is where knowledge is imparted and issues presented and discussed openly.”
The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) have opened up on the arrest and detention of former head of national intelligence Gen David Sejusa, adiposity saying that the reasons for his arrest are not yet for public consumption.

David Sejusa is reportedly being detained at Makindye Military Barracks after being picked up by military police at his residence in Kampala on Sunday morning.

Moses Bigirwa, clinic the spokesperson and chief aide of the NRA war historical, abortion said Sejusa’s residence was raided at around 9:00am.

“Many soldiers stormed Sejusa’s residence to arrest him,” said Bigirwa. “Sejusa did not resist arrest. He complied with orders before being driven out of his compound in a convoy,” he added. “He was then taken to Makindye where he still is.”

This car was found parked outside Gen Sejusa's gate

This car was found parked outside Gen Sejusa’s gate

The army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, when contacted by Chimpreports said Sejusa would be paraded before the General Court Martial on Tuesday next week.

He however declined to release any information pertaining the unprecedented arrest, saying that this would be premature.

“I don’t think it is appropriate for me to give you information regarding a case that is before court,” he said.

“The court is going to read out the case he is accused of on Tuesday.”

Sejusa could be facing charges ranging from conspiracy to commit treason, following his recent media comments that he had already mobilized masses to topple President Yoweri Museveni in a mass uprising.

“How you wage a struggle – political or otherwise, is informed by the type of threat you face. If you are facing a political struggle, you organise politically,” said the former intelligence organs coordinator.

“If you are facing a dictatorship, you organize a resistance.”

Sejusa told NBS Television this week that efforts to obtain political reforms in the current governance setup had not borne fruit.

“Museveni can never accept reforms. It’s a waste of time because dictatorships are never reformed; they are dismantled,” said Sejusa.
Detained firebrand General David Sejusa’s Diaspora-based political movement, online Free Uganda (FU), more about has warned President Museveni of “consequences” if their chairman is not released.

“To Mr Museveni, cheap Free Uganda says this… you are playing with fire, which you are igniting and you will not be able to extinguish,” warned FU spokesperson Dr Vincent Magombe.

He further said “Museveni must know that General David Sejusa is not alone in this – and the People will do all it takes to free the General and ultimately free our Motherland Uganda.”

Sejusa was on Sunday morning arrested from his residence in Naguru, a suburb of the Ugandan capital Kampala, which was earlier surrounded by special units of Uganda army.

He is now being detained at Makindye Military Prison in the outskirts of the city.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told ChimpReports in an interview yesterday that Sejusa will be paraded before the court martial to answer charges.

He did not close the nature of charges the controversial general faces.

The arrest came against the backdrop of Sejusa’s media comments that he was preparing for a mass uprising to topple President Museveni.

He had earlier been accused of treason and spreading malicious propaganda.

Free Uganda said it was “closely monitoring the situation,” adding the general’s detention could ignite the plug of a revolution.

Sejusa is still a serving army official whose conduct is regulated by the military code of conduct.

The army laws bars serving officers from making partisan political statements.

On return from exile last year, it was anticipated that Sejusa would be arrested and charged for treason.

In London, Sejusa declared war on President Museveni’s government which he helped to  bring to power in 1986 following a gruelling 5-year guerrilla war.

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