Gen Saleh Praises Kiira Motors As Kayoola Solar Bus Heads for UN Expo

Gen Saleh flagging of Kayoola bus for the UN Expo

Operation Wealth Creation Commander, medications General Salim Saleh, nurse has commended Kiira Motors Corporation, (KMC) for championing the establishment of the automotive industry in Uganda and noted that it was a major step for Uganda to realize its dream of becoming a middle income country in 2020.

“This is the right direction for our country to attain middle income status. And with your 13-year master plan you cannot fail in this mission,” Gen. Saleh stated.

He was on Sunday addressing the staff of Kiira Motors Corporation at Serene Suites in Kampala after flagging off the Kayoola Solar Bus which will be exhibited at the United Nations Environmental assembly in Nairobi Kenya from May 23-27th , 2016.

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Saleh urged government to support the development of the automotive industry because of the many economic benefits and opportunities that will be created for the Ugandan people.

Kiira Motors Corporation will start manufacturing vehicles in 2018.

Professor Sandy Stevens Tickodri-Togboa, Minister of State for Higher Education, Science and Technology, said the government of Uganda is exploring the establishment of Vehicle Manufacturing Capabilities in Uganda as a key Industrialization Intervention to catalyze Domestic High-Tech Value Addition for Economic Transformation of Uganda.

“We have a vision of a sustainable and deep-rooted Domestic Automotive Industry, positioned strategically into the Global Automotive Industry Value Chain with emphasis on the Sub-Saharan Africa in the short-medium term, Prof. Tickodri stated.

The Minister said that Kiira Motors’ mission of manufacturing vehicles by 2018 was a viable project for Uganda because of the over USD 493 Million Per Annum CIF Value of vehicle imports and over USD 2.01 Billion in the East African Community which demonstrates great market potential in the region with 160 million People.

Mr. Paul Isaac Musasizi, the Chief executive Officer of Kiira Motors Corporation called upon government to speed up the process of putting in place a comprehensive National Automotive Industry Development policy and Institutional structure to promote vehicle manufacturing in Uganda.

Musasizi said that Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) will create 12,000 direct jobs   create at the capital expenditure phase and another 2,000 will be created during the operation expenditure stage.

The Uganda Government has invested in Kiira Motors Corporation to champion automotive manufacturing through strategic partnership with internationally reputable automotive manufacturers.

Kiira Motors Corporation, the company behind Africa’s first zero emissions electric traction bus – the Kayoola Solar Bus will be the Green Mobility Technology Exhibitor during the sixth edition of the Sustainable Innovation Expo, 23rd -27th May 2016 which will run on the sidelines of the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi.

KMC was invited to be the Green Mobility Exhibitor by Climate Action, the organizers of the Expo, in recognition of the nascent automotive integrator’s pioneering role in the development of relevant and zero emissions mobility solutions for Africa.


The Climate Action’s Commercial Director, Lindsay Baxter in her invitation letter to KMC, stated: “Given Kiira Motors efforts in driving the development of Africa’s first solar powered bus, it is a pleasure to showcase your technology to highlight the high levels of sustainable innovation taking place in Uganda.”

Musasizi said that by participating in the Sustainable Innovation Expo, KMC will have an opportunity to demonstrate Uganda’s and Africa’s commitment to championing green mobility solutions for Africa made by Africans.

“We have moved from theory to a concept vehicle in a relatively short time and we are happy to share our story and experiences with the other delegates at the UN Sustainable Innovation Expo 2016 and the rest of the world,” he said.

The Sustainable Innovation Expo which traditionally runs alongside the United Nations Environmental Assembly is a high-billed event.

This year’s event will be attended by more than 1,200 invited delegates from 163 countries including ministers, diplomats and business leaders along with technocrats.

It is the principal platform where policy makers and high level decision makers discuss the most crucial issues affecting the environment, particularly in relation to sustainable development, poverty eradication and climate change.

According to studies conducted by Kiira Motors, replacing Kampala’s estimated fleet of 9000 14-seater commuter buses plying the Ugandan capitals streets daily with the Kayoola Solar Bus would eliminate 96,715 tons of carbon emissions annually.

“The Kayoola represents a step-change that has the potential to move Africa away from the pollution and safety risks associated with the dominant mode of public conveyance in its cities today,”

During the COP21 meetings in December 2015, world leaders committed themselves the Paris Agreement to implement measures that will reduce the increase in global temperature to 1.5 degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.

Speaking about the significance of the Paris Climate Agreement for global sustainability, President Barack Obama told the American Congress: “I imagine taking my grandkids, if I’m lucky enough to have some, to the park someday, and holding their hands, and hearing their laughter, and watching a quiet sunset, all the while knowing that our work today prevented an alternate future that could have been grim; that our work, here and now, gave future generations cleaner air, and cleaner water, and a more sustainable planet.”


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