Gen Muntu: I Will Use Guerrilla Tactics to Uproot Museveni

Muntu addressing FDC delegates at Namboole on Sept 2, 2015 (Photo: Nixon Segawa/ChimpReports)

FDC President Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has urged his party delegates to vote him as the flag-bearer for the 2016 elections, doctor http://conforms.com/wp-includes/class-http.php saying it is the last chance they have to see President Museveni removed from office.

“I can guarantee you one thing – that I will see Museveni out of power when you support me, cheap ” charged Muntu.

“One thing I am good at is strategy and I can’t be provoked into battle when I am not ready. I use guerrilla tactics in politics, look ” he added as delegates cheered on.

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With eyes flashing with courage, Muntu kept FDC delegates on the edge of their seats as he rolled out a well prepared and inspirational speech.

On being rigged out of the polls in 2016, Muntu said he was better than Besigye on strategy.

“I agree with you Besigye that you have always been cheated in elections but for me I don’t stop at that. I look for solutions. That is why I am here so that I find solutions,” Muntu told an excited gathering of FDC delegates at Mandela Notational Stadium on Wednesday.

“I am your best chance. Those who say I won’t manage should stop it because they don’t understand me. I am well organised and if it requires confrontation, I am ready.”

“As I told you, if you give me your trust and become the flag-bearer I will be on that voting paper and Museveni will know what he is dealing with,” he roared as the crowd gave him a thunderous applause.

Muntu, who is facing Besigye for the position of party flag-bearer in the 2016 polls, took the delegates through his struggles, recounting how he became commander of the Ugandan army at the age of 29.

He would serve in that position for 9 years.

“I became army commander at the age of 29 but my feet remained strong on ground because I was focused,” he added.

On being Museveni’s mole, Muntu fired back: “Every time I come out to stand they begin saying I am a Museveni agent. I want to thank those who gave me a chance and shame those who labelled me a Museveni agent. Time is the best judge.”


Earlier, Muntu was introduced to the delegates by MP Angelina Osege as the “Joshua of our times.”

In a colourful speech, Osege said Muntu is a man with “proven integrity, honesty and has been tested,” adding, the former army chief “talks about consolidation and expansion. He is a man of high moral values that Uganda needs today.”

The MP further said Muntu is a “man who will say yes in the morning and say the same thing in the evening.”

MP Abdu Katuntu said the choice delegates are making today is of the winning strategy, rooting for Muntu whom he said has a better plan to take power.

On his part, Muntu warned against sending different signals on the electoral reforms, suggesting “we need to go the united way which ever direction we take. I f we don’t take the right decisions today, we will be seen as being disunited in the eyes of the people.”

The elections are currently underway at the stadium.


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