Gen Muhoozi Inspires Mutundwe Youth

Muhoozi (R) and Mugisha (L) attending the event

Special Forces Commander, case Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has praised the youth of Mutundwe, illness a Kampala suburb for engaging in self-help commercial projects.

Muhoozi spoke Sunday during Mutundwe Parish Youth Day celebrations.

The area youth are engaged in poultry, piggery and bakery among other developmental projects.

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Kainerugaba boosted the youth projects with Shs 10m and further advised them to invest their early days in hard work for a better future.

“I am impressed by several projects run by the youth.

Muhoozi addressing the youth

Muhoozi addressing the youth

It’s something that many youth around the country can learn from,” said Muhoozi.

“I don’t know how you started it. I don’t know what inspired you. But I think you are on the right track,” he added as the excited youth cheered him.

“And only good things can come from such level of discipline.”

In attendance was the Managing Director, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Dr Silver Mugisha.

NWSC currently operates in 167 towns and urban centers in Uganda, having been in only 24 towns three years ago.

Muhoozi thanked Mugisha for supporting the youth’s initiatives.

“You seem to be already following good advice from the Church. So I can only request that whatever you collect from functions like these is accounted for and serves the purpose it’s intended,” Muhoozi further advised the youth.

“But I think the future is bright with this level of commitment,” he added.

Muhoozi being entertained by cultural dancers

Muhoozi being entertained by cultural dancers

On his part, Mugisha said the youth are in for development and not ‘white-collar things.’

He said commercial agriculture projects will empower youth to transform their lives as the country moves to the middle income stage.

Father Aloysius Ddumba who led mass at the church decried the moral decadence among the youth.

“It is very hard to spend one hour praising the lord but time available to spend life recklessly in bars,” he cautioned.

The function was spiced by colourful traditional dances from the youth.

The youth entertained guests with energetic dance strokes

The youth entertained guests with energetic dance strokes


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