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Gen Kayihura Raises Terror Threat Level Amid ISIS Bombings

Counter terrorism personnel in a recent training exercise

Uganda police have bolstered security in and outside Kampala city after deadly terrorists attacks swept through Tunisia, drug Kuwait and Somalia this week.

Police boss Gen Kala Kayihura said in a statement on Saturday afternoon that “police and sister agencies are increasing visibility and vigilance and while members of the public must not panic, sale you should be more alert to anything or anybody suspicious and quickly report to the nearest police, security or LC official.”

Gen Kayihura pointed out that, “proprietors of vulnerable public places such as malls, hotels as well as other places of entertainment, markets, parks, schools, churches, mosques etc should work closely with security agencies as we activate counter terrorism measures to ensure that the places are safe and secure and we pass through this period of the Holy Month of Ramadhan peacefully.”

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Terrorist group, ISIS, has since claimed responsibility for an attack on a Mosque in the largely peaceful Kuwait that killed 27 people.

In Tunisia, gunmen this week attacked a tourist resort beach, killing 38 people.

On Thursday and Friday, Somali militants attacked an AMISOM base, killing several peacekeepers in what is seen as a week of horror.

Gen Kayihura said today that police received information from “credible sources of plans of possible terror attacks on unspecified targets in the country particularly in the city and surrounding areas.”

He said the law enforcement body is “taking this information seriously, and we ask members of the public to do the same.”

Al Shabaab terrorists attacked Uganda in 2010, killing over 79 people.

There have since been threats on Uganda, with security nipping in the bud planned attacks.

Uganda boasts elite anti-terrorism commando units but observers say most social places remain vulnerable due to the laxity of proprietors.


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