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Gen Kayihura: My Life is in Danger

IGP Kale Gen Kayihura

Inspector General of Police, viagra sale Gen Kale Kayihura has said he feels unsecure whenever he is in his office at the Naguru police headquarters.

Addressing journalists at Naguru on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the end of year festivities, ambulance the police boss said police should not only advise the public on what to do in terms of security but ought to also put it into practice at their headquarters.

“This should be a wake-up call to our officers here.  I don’t feel safe here because the security personnel seem to have relaxed,” said Kayihura who has just returned from leave.

“It is not only for me but all of you here at the police headquarters,” he emphasised.

The police headquarters is among the most heavily-guarded facilities in the country.

Specialised combat and intelligence units including counter terrorism squads maintain security of the police base.

That the IGP is worried of his own security at such a facility speaks volumes about the preparedness of police to combat terrorism.

“I am not satisfied with the access control measures and perimeter security installments here,” said Kayihura.

“The responsible people need to beef it up. In fact the next time you (journalists) get inconvenienced, don’t complain, it only a security measure,” he added.

The police boss ordered responsible officers to act immediately; stressing such laxity was responsible for the death of police officers in Kasese.

“This should be adhered by all police stations because we are now targets of these acts. You should be cautious of even your own shadows,” he cautioned.

He however noted that this year’s Christmas season was peaceful, describing it as the “best ever”.

The police boss said only 33 homicide cases were reported on Christmas all over the country, comparing to 50 cases last year.

“It’s not that we are clapping that people died but the numbers have drastically reduced and we hope this will continue,” he added.

Crime prevention

Gen. Kayihura attributed this to community policing.

He said that the public is now appreciating the role of crime preventers.

“We should not conclude that security threats have reduced because we still face terrorism both local and global but the relation between police and the people is improving. This might be slow but I am happy we are improving because of the enthusiastic participation of the public.”

Kayihura applauded crime preventers for doing a great job, saying they remain a value addition to the security of the country and deserve medals during national functions for their exceptional service.

He however urged the public to remain vigilant and adhere to security measures as they celebrate the New Year’s Day.

Kayihura said public places such as churches, mosques and night clubs ought to introduce access control measures and perimeter walls at their premises.

“We are living in an era of terrorism that we need to be careful as we celebrate entering the New Year.”


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