Gen Kayihura Called to Intervene in Ankole Kingdom Confusion

The Prime Minister of the banned Kingdom of Ankole Dr William Katatumba has alerted the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura to investigate Umar Asiimwe Ntare, treatment who is claiming royalty and pushing for the official restoration of the Kingdom.

The youth who currently resides in Kasese Municipality says he is the great grandson of the famous King Ntare V.

Recently the father of two through social media claimed to have enthroned himself as the Omugabe of Ankole Kingdom, viagra 100mg which was abolished together with the others nationwide in 1967 by President Milton Obote.

He has since put out through social media, a list of what he calls his ministers and kingdom officials all across Ankole.

On his website he says, after the Kingdom has been restored, he hopes to “bring back the lost glory of the Nkore Kingdom and Banyankore people.”

Dr Katatumba however, termed Mr Umar Ntare as a masquerader and his actions as dangerous.

The Premier who is also in charge of the Ankole Cultural Trust which oversees the Obugabe of Ankole wrote to Gen Kale Kayihura, seeking his intervention in the growing confusion.

In the letter dated December 9th, Katatumba says Ntare together with one Max Muhumuza are “impersonating the Kingdom and taking money by false pretense, spreading harmful propaganda and above all dividing the people of Ankole.”

“They have now ganged up with some high profile politicians and other misguided individuals to pursue their illegal activities and this situation could easily culminate in the destabilization of the region,” he wrote.

Police are yet to confirm receipt of the request to reign in on Mr Umar.

The decision to petition the IGP according to Katatumba was taken in a meeting of the Executive of the Ankole Cultural Trust held yesterday in Mbarara.

A few years after he took power, President Yoweri Museveni restored all the Kingdoms which were banned by Obote, but blocked that of Ankole saying that the people of Ankole had to decide.

One of the reasons for the president — himself from Ankole — to block the Kingdom was fear that it might cause ethnic tensions between Bahima and Bairu. The kingship used to be a divisive institution during its existence.



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