Gen. Katumba Warns Retired Officers Against Bad Mouthing the UPDF

Col. Fred Bogere leads his colleagues as they pass through the quarter guard

UPDF’s Chief of Defense Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has warned retired officers against talking ill of the army in which they have served for many years.

Speaking during a function  to send off more than 1500 officers into retirement held at the Land Forces headquarters in Bombo, viagra buy Gen. Katumba advised them to at all times be proud of the army that has seen them rise to higher ranks.

“Feel proud to have belonged to this institution because it is your family where you have made a life. Many of you came young but have grown up and the names you made are because of the UPDF, ” Gen. Katumba said on Friday afternoon.

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“I know some of you will go out there and hold press conferences to badmouth the institution but remember what the army has taught and done for you. The army will always remain your home.”

The CDF urged the retired officers to always behave well in society in which they are retiring, and that they should be the eyes and ears of the institution there.

If possible, he said, they could take on leadership positions as one of the ways to serve their societies after retiring from the army.

“Be respectful because the people out there respect the UPDF so much. Go and be good; don’t engage in chaos that would lead you into problems.”

Gen. Katumba applauded the officers for what he termed as a commendable job they have done, turning the UPDF into what it is today, adding that had it not been their efforts, Uganda would still be in war.

“You have seen the army go through thick and thin. There was a time when we had no uniform but you fought. You trekked the jungles of DRC, the desert in Central Africa, in Gulu, Rwenzori Mountains and other areas where you have served.”

“You have done a tremendous job for the country. It is because of your contribution that the country has gone through elections peacefully despite the talk by many people of instability after the polls.”

He also urged them to invest well their retirement packages so that the can achieve something out of it for instanceby joining the Operation Wealth Creation program.

The Joint Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Wilson Mbadi warned the retired officers that   they have not  been totally discharged from the army, as they could be recalled to serve if need arises.

“This is not the end of your service in the army but rather a relief from the stressful day to day activities of the army. You are now going into the reserve force and any time we need you, we shall call upon you to return and serve,” Gen.Mbadi said.

Excitement as Retired officers return home

Excitement as Retired officers return home

In an interview with Chimpreports, one of the retired officers who was also once UPDF representative in parliament Col. Fred Bogere said he would now concentrate on doing his private work .

He however asked the army leadership not to abandon them, stressing that in case  they return for assistance, it should be accorded to them as former members of the institution.

Col. Bogere said that the retired officers can in some cases be called upon to give career guidance to the active soldiers.

According to Maj. Stanley Malisaba, 90% of the retired officers did it voluntary while the rest were asked to terminate their services due to medical issues and old age.

It was a happy moment as the retired officers bid farewell to their colleagues at the Bombo barracks.

Most of them were seen waving as they went through the quarter guard for the last time and they exited the barrack’s gate.


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