Gen. Katumba Warns African Countries on Re-Colonization

Army Commander Gen Katumba Wamala speaks at the Africa Day celebrations in Kampala on Wednesday

UPDF Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), clinic http://cirnow.com.au/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/omnisearch.php Gen. Katumba Wamala has warned African countries to beware of the Western world’s intent to re-colonize the continent.

The General who was speaking at the commemoration of the 53rd African Day organized by the Pan African Movement in conjunction with Crime Preventers, try stressed that unless African leaders rise and walk the talk by providing local solutions to their own problems, order “the white man will once again take over the continent.”

Katumba told the gathering at the Pan African Square in Kampala that all interventions of the Western countries in Africa’s affairs are indicators of a bigger plan to have Africans colonized again.

“African is at risk of being re-colonized; it may not be by the same colonial masters; the whites are still struggling to have us under them and have done so by continuing to destabilize African countries,” Katumba said.

“If we fail to have the game at our own hand, we may be re-colonized; as Africans we need to understand that we are under threat because a lot of what we have is not available in other countries. We are like a new flower attracting a lot of bees,” Katumba warned.

He warned that Africans must take collective responsibility to ensure that their continent isn’t taken over by whites who pretend to be offering us help which comes with hard conditions.

“Let’s stop being theoretical, many of us have talked about finding Africa’s solution to African problem but when the call comes to taking action, some back track and begin complaining of lack of resources.”

Katumba revealed at the event there has been a planned capture of Uganda ever since oil was discovered in the country, which plan he said was foiled by the wise leadership of President Yoweri Museveni.

“The whites want to have a puppet president who wouldn’t question their actions in the country. President Museveni however, isn’t the kind,” he said.

Recently, after taking oath to start his fifth term in office, President Museveni stressed the need for African countries to be left to manage their own affairs, noting that “every man should be allowed to run his own household.”

“How more foolish can one get to leave their own house and go give orders in another man’s house?” he wondered.




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