Gen.Katumba: I am Still in Army Because of Museveni’s Tolerance

Gen Katumba Wamala speaking at the  7th Tarehe Sita prayer breakfast

The former Chief of the Defense Forces in the UPDF, cialis 40mg Gen Katumba Wamala has applauded the Commander in Chief and President Yoweri Museveni’s tolerance which he said has enabled him serve in the army up to now.

On January 9, Gen. Katumba was relieved of his duties as the CDF and appointed State Minister for Works in a reshuffle that saw the then commander of Land Forces Maj. Gen. David Muhoozi promoted to full General and appointed CDF.

Speaking to soldiers during the 7th Tarehe Sita prayer breakfast on Saturday, Gen. Katumba said that the achievements of the UPDF cannot count if  President Museveni  is not mentioned for the role he has played.

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“The UPDF has been good because the farmer who is the Commander in Chief did a good job of sowing seeds on a fertile ground,” Gen. Katumba told soldiers.

“I thank him for the patience and tolerance on many of us. We would not be able to put on the uniform right now. If it was not for him, many of us would not be what we are today “

Son of the UPDF

The former Inspector General of Police said that the UPDF has nurtured him to the standard that he is today, and that the 30 years he has served in the army have been a great period that he is proud of.

“I will always be thankful to UPDF for what they have made me. Many of you may not have known me if it was not the UPDF. I am proud of what they have put into me.”

Katumba, 60, who holds a Master of Science degree in strategic leadership from the United States Army War College, joined the army in 1981 before serving as commander of UPDF troops in DRC and later being promoted to the highest rank of a full star general in May 2013 before being appointed the Chief of Defense Forces.

The now State Minister for Works said that the UPDF has been able to raise the Ugandan flag high in all missions they have gone to  but said this could not have been achieved had  it not been the spouses of the soldiers who were always on their side.

Praising them as the soldiers’ right hand, Gen. Katumba said wives to soldiers play an important role to comfort their spouses and also keep the homes safe plus the children when they are away on national duty.

“God created them to be special and indeed they have always lived to this. They go through a lot of suffering but our wives play a big role in soldiers’ lives. We need to appreciate them,” Gen. Katumba urged.

The prayer breakfast was the climax of the Tarehe Sita celebrations   and this year’s function was  meant to recognize the special personalities and units of the wider UPDF family  who play a silent but vital role for the triumph of the army.

The function was attended by the new CDF, Gen,David Muhoozi and other high ranking officers in the UPDF.


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