Gen. Katumba Denies Boxing Zaake, Challenges Ugandans to Produce Video

A photo showing Gen. Katumba's hand in action at parliament. In cream suit is Francis Zaake.

The State Minister for Works, Gen. Katumba Wamala has vehemently denied punching Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Francis Zaake.

Video footages from the Wednesday unprecedented scuffle in Parliament during the introduction of age limit removal show that Katumba who had spent some good minutes calming the anti-amendment MPs, lost his temper, grabbed and punched the youthful legislator.

Pictures also showed that Katumba punched Zaake when he had fallen on the ground.

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The same videos also showed Zaake removing his waist belt and using it to beat security operatives who entered chambers to eject out the defiant MPs suspended by the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.

However appearing on NTV on Sunday evening, Gen. Katumba, said he only threatened the legislator but didn’t box him as it is being claimed by many people on social media and even mainstream.

“It’s true I grabbed Zaake when he threw a chair but I never boxed him. I only threatened him,” Katumba said.

He also challenged people to produce the video showing him boxing the legislator.

“Let anyone produce the video showing exactly my blows landing on Zaake,” he added.

According to Katumba, the dignity of Parliament had been grossly disturbed by the MPs against the age limit amendment and he couldn’t only stand and watch.

Zaake in a social media statement on Sunday pinned Katumba for catching him unaware and raining uncountable blows on him that resulted to losing of consciousness.

The legislator was rushed to Rubaga Hospital and put on life support for hours.


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